2011 Game Hint #1


Go crazy.

darn you’re fast!

Okay, first question:

Who is that? When was this picture taken? Where is it used?

First thing that comes to my mind is having to climb that pole. Can someone indentify what kind of pole it is? I think the greeks had three kinds.

forgive my ignorance, so who is it?

WOOOO first 5 posts

I believe that the poles are classified by the decorations at the tops and bottoms, not as much by the bottoms

A search on TinEye (reverse image search) did not turn up a single result for the picture. It doesn’t mean too much other than that the photo isn’t likely a picture of a notable person, or widely distributed.

I am drawing a blank on this, I have no idea who she is. I will google african american girls, in what looks to be from her clothes, between the 20’s and 50’s some time…

First thing that comes to my mind is having to climb that pole. Can someone indentify what kind of pole it is? I think the greeks had three kinds.

There is no way to tell what type it is. Doric, Ionic and Corinthian are the 3 types but you need to see the top or bottom to decypher.

I think I’m more excited that the game hint is out than I care what it means. I’m thinking the material of the pole could be important, and it would be helpful to know if the person in the picture can be identified, because she might be part of the clue too.

From this site (http://www.realtor.org/rmoprint.nsf/pages/arch35) the poll looks like it is a Doric column.

The Doric column is the oldest and simplest Greek style–its found on the Parthenon in Athens.

Edit: I want to say it is a Doric because of the lines in the column.

Classically, Doric columns have 20 flutes - Ionic and Corinthian 24. Since I can count ~15 flutes on that column (and I can see at most half of the column), it doesn’t belong to any of the classical orders.

I think it’s aretha franklin.



if you’ll check the properties of the image, you can see that the name of the picture file is “2011_Assets”. could that mean anything?

All greek columns have lines like that. I was looking through pictures with columns. Something stuck out. Dance studios have columns and a few had columns silimar to the one in the hint

Could be a yearbook photo and I am thinking it may have been from early 90’s some schools still use black and white for yearbook photos. Bill earlier recognized a few teams from being around since the very first year can anyone from those teams see if they ever had this lady on their team?

I think the game is a combo from years past so i am kind of trying to make this clue fit that idea which is probably not good…

Could be ionic or Aeolic. I say this because it appears to be a slender column and a lot of the column differences are in the base and cornice.

Not sure - but think it could be Florence Ballard, who was one of the Supremes of '60s Motown fame.

If it is - one of their hits was. “You keep me hangin’ on.”

Try to notice details in the picture… The hair do, the 5 buttons, lines on the shirt and lines on the column?

This is what we get for hoping the hint would be something that we could possibly make some form of half connection to…

I’m really interested to see how this connects to the game now…

I think this could fit well with the 20th anniversary theme… interesting idea