2011 Game Hints After-the-fact

I have to say, compared to last year, where the game hints were just animated images of the center gate and ball-return system, this year’s hints could’ve actually lead to an actual understanding of the game before its reveal.

Let’s start with the second hint first, the FIRST ‘logo’ of the interlocking triangle, circle, and square. This hinted that the game would be played using pieces in the shape of the three parts of the ‘logo,’ and also attributed to the first part of the game’s name.

And then there was the first hint, a flipped image of a Little Eva cover. Little Eva sang the song Locomotion, which is obviously where ‘LogoMotion’ comes from. Also, E.V.A. stands for extra-vehicular activity, and, combined with the adjective, one could’ve made a very educated guess to predict the use of minibots. In addition, the fact that she is holding the column could symbolize the need to pick up the game pieces.

However, I still don’t know the significance of the image being reversed (backwards).

What are your thoughts on it?

This thread already exists.


There has actually been a thread started about this already. Take a look. I really enjoyed the hints this year.