2011 Game Manual PDF?

As we are nearing the announcement of the 2011 game, I went to FIRST’s website to see about downloading the encrypted game manual ahead of the kick-off, so as they release the password, my team can have a copy available, instead of having to fight off everyone else for FIRST’s bandwidth. When I got to the page on the website, I saw that they still had the manual broken in different sections (and still no encrypted game sections), but I began to wonder whether FIRST will release a single PDF version like previous years to save on downloading and to help be better organized.

From what I’ve seen for the past two years, They will put out the single PDF a couple of days after the kick-off.

A single PDF is usually available with encryption a few days before.

I have been looking for this also. On the FIRST website under the 2011 Decryption test it says this:


In order to be sure that you have the capability to decrypt the files at the appropriate time, a test file is available below.

It says that a test file is available below, which is what I would assume to be the full pdf version. The problem is that there is no file to download.

Download the encrypted game manual. It will be posted by 2PM ET today.


Bills Blog just posted information about the game manual

Awesome. Thanks!

Hmmmmmmmm… 2:45ET and still no manual. Not that I’m impatient…

3 pm — tap tap tap.
I just want to download it and go home – my de-encoder program is on the Cray at home. :slight_smile:
Obviously FIRST is connected to the same clocks at our high school; none of them have the right time either.

3:16 pm: manual is available :slight_smile:

It’s uploaded now.

And the password is not “Triangle!Circle?Square!” Just putting that out there. The home computer should crack it soon – the software claims 70 hours for a document that size.

Don’t worry, I don’t actually read them until after Kickoff. I follow the programmers motto: With great power comes great responsibility, and all.

Hmm. My decryption software says it’ll take more like 74 hours. At that rate, I’ll get it opened about 3 hours after the password is released.

Yeah, I know the version you have, which is why I stay with the older Visual Basic 3 one. I juiced it up and trims off a couple of hours.

Haha. I’m surprised nobody made a Bruteforcing@Home yet.

What did they use to encode the game manual?

Not very effective, huh? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I did have to write a distributed password cracker for a homework assignment once… :wink:

According to the FIRST Web Site:

The method used to encrypt these files is secure. It is called 128-bit AES encoding, and is a current standard considered by the US Government as completely secure for short (weeks) periods of time.

Don’t give anyone any ideas. :rolleyes:

Thanks to all who replied. I got the manual now, and to me it kind of figures that after I ask about it coming out, the next day it is released.