2011 Greater Toronto Regional

According to bills blog there will be 2 simultaneous regionals?

Geater Toronto East Regional - Mississauga, ON
Greater Toronto West Regional - Mississauga, ON

Can anyone confirm how this might work?

There are also 2 simultaneous Minnesota regionals. I would suspect that method, rather than the “super regional” method that was used at GTR some years back.

For those that weren’t around then: super regional means 2 fields, winners of each field play each other for the regional win (or something along those lines).

I’d be willing to bet that Seattle and Toronto are both following the Minnesota model: 2 separate events, in close proximity to each other.

I also believe that there were 2 sets of winners, for each award at the super regional in toronto a few years back. I may be wrong as i was not on the team then, but i am quite sure this is what i what told when talking to our mentors.

Very close proximity in Toronto’s case - the FIRST regional webpage lists the Hershey Centre as the venue for both events.

As well as Qwest Field for both Seattle Regionals. More like the GTR super-regionals of old than the Minnesota double-regional system, it seems.

I am so glad to hear this is back! The last GTR super regional was my first regional experience. It was epic, and will definitely be once more. I wish I had a car so I could volunteer :slight_smile:

Registration and events are listed completely separately. I have a feeling both events will have two staffs and two winners, not modified rules for a 12 or 16-team eliminations. IIRC the events were not “separate” before, you signed up for a single event and it had two fields.

This would be my guess as well. Judging by the event sizes this may be an effort to get teams more plays in a weekend by shrinking the event size.

This would be a bigger leap but it may also be an effort to develop additional skilled volunteers. Maybe a step with an eye on potentially moving to districts in the future.

maybe it has something to do with this year being nothing the 10th anniversary of GTR

In the past (2004 & 2006) this was the case for some awards but not all. Most notably there was only one Chairman’s Award and one winning alliance.

For 2010 there will be two regionals taking place in one building. This means each regional will have its own set of awards, including the six qualifiers. Should be a great way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the event!

I’m assuming that teams can only compete in either the East or West Greater Toronto regional. Can a team choose which regional to compete in, or are the teams assigned geographically, ie teams from the west must compete in the west regional? If there’s a geographic segregation, what’s the dividing line between east and west? Highway #400?

Minnesota teams could compete in either 10K Lakes or North Star Regional, regardless of location. Toronto seems to be set up the same way–geography won’t matter.

Per Karthik’s most recent post, the two competitions are completely separate, but will take place in the same building.

Since they are separate events, teams will be able to compete in only one regional - you can’t sign up for two events in the same week. But they should be able to choose which one they attend - I can’t imagine that FIRST would want to get into the whole geography battle that it would take to segregate teams based on location.

How about referees and FIRST staff?

Will the matches be playing simultaneously or one at a time, switching from each field?

I was there in 2006 as a competitor, and can’t recall the process.

There will definitely be twice as many referees, I’m not sure about FIRST staff. When we did it in 2006, we basically a full set of volunteers for both fields, with some people being overall supervisors for both fields.

In 2004 & 2006 matches switched back and forth. I’m not certain how this will be handled this year.

I merged a couple threads to keep all the GTR 2011 discussion in one spot

The natural question is, will the East and West Champions get to play one another (even if it is unofficial and doesn’t result in any more trophies)?

They totally should and they should get like a Grand Toronto Champion, but instead of another gold, Platinum lol

I think they should. Even if the overall Toronto championship “means nothing” (in terms of qualification for the Champs in St. Louis) and all 6 (or 8?) teams would qualify regardless, it would certainly be worth it to have the two regional winnners compete for if nothing more bragging rights. It would be all the more interesting if it wound up being 1114 and their alliance v 2056 and their alliance…

or the “overall champions” could get next years payment paid for automatically, like IRI does, for either Toronto East or Toronto West

This season’s event will be the 10th Greater Toronto Regional. This was the first FIRST event played outside the United States back in 2002 and has been home to of the most memorable moments in FIRST history. This year’s event will be a double regional, with two separate regional events happening in the same building. We’re expecting at least 80 teams at the Hershey Centre for this three day extravaganza.

To help celebrate the event’s 10th anniversary, we’re hoping that some of our friends from down south will make the trip up for what we expect to be the most exciting events of the 2011 season. The event has always been supported by some of the top American teams and we’d love to see that tradition continue!