2011 Inaugural Maine Offseason Event

Looking for an off-season event in September?

Need a way to jump start your team next school year?
Want to compete in a fierce battle?
Want to see some beautiful scenery?

Maine is the place for you!
Team 2648 Infinite Loop, is proud to announce the first FIRST Robotics off-season event in Maine this September!

More information will follow as we finalize details!

Please help us get the word out at the World Championships!

If your team might be interested please send an email with your team number, Hometown and contact information to:
[email protected]


Hope it is a big success! Maine is just too far for us to go. Anybody planning an off season event on the west coast during the spring or summer?

Where in Maine would it be? The NUTRONS might be interested if it is pretty close to Maine’s southern border.