2011 Kickoff Tailgating in Rochester!

Hey all! Justin and I are back at it again! We just wanted to let you know that the 2nd Annual “Tailgating at Kickoff” is back! We wait all year to see what the new game is going to be, so we like to usher it in the right way with a little bit of tailgating! Last year was such a success that we definitely want to do it again this year!

Anyone, from any team is invited! We’ll be in the parking lot at the Theater on the Ridge sometime around 7 am. Things may change as we get closer to the actual day, but we’ll keep you informed!

If you would like to, please bring some coffee, hot chocolate, donuts, pastries, muffins or anything else you would like to share! Justin and I will supply most of the plates/utensils/cups but anything you can bring the better! On that note, Justin and I will also be taking care of making the pancakes/meat/eggs the night before, and we’ll bring it to the event hot (as some of you might remember from last year the griddles wouldn’t heat up due to the extreme cold :slight_smile: )

Here is the link to the event on facebook.

Please feel free to stop by! It’s a great way to meet up with old friends, and make some new ones! Last year was so fun, and we hope to keep doing this for years to come. We would also like to see other kickoff events have tailgating as well!

Hope to see you there!
Mike and Justin

ps. Be on the look out for “Mike and Justin in the Morning” appearing on a webcast near you!

WooHoo!! Can’t wait!

Just reading about all the food and fun gets me that much more excited for kickoff. We had a blast last year and we want you there!

Hope you can make it! :cool:

Does anyone know what the website address is for the web-cast? Our “local” kickoff is over 100 miles away and too expensive for the entire team to go to. As such, we will be only having a few members in one truck go to the kickoff and get the KOP. All of the rest will stay back at the school and watch the kickoff there. Once the game is revealed, the rest of the team can start brainstorming and going through the rules with a fine toothed comb. So if anyone knows what the website is, that would really be helpful.


Less then a week away, if your in the area please join us!