2011 Labview Code on new cRIO

Should our 2011 FRC Robot Code work without modification on the new cRIO and associated image? It seems to me the answer should be yes.

If no, are there simple changes that can be made to make it completely compatible?

I’m trying to help my team debug a software issue from afar and I just want to get the facts straight.


If the code is recompiled, yes, it should work. There were a few changes to WPILib, such as the camera and compressor needing to have the control VI dropped in Vision or Periodic. Otherwise, I would expect the code to work.

Greg McKaskle

Did they change the cRIO modules to the new order?

Another thing that doesn’t get updated correctly is the digital module number (if it was explicitly set).

Our code for last year worked without problems with the new LabVIEW and cRIO image. We moved the cRIO modules to where they are supposed to be. Since we used the default locations for the modules last year, we didn’t have to change anything in our Begin VI to correct module numbers as they updated themselves automatically.