2011 LabView Licenses and Compatibility

Alright, my team wants to know if you can install LabView on more than one computer using the disk provided in the FRC kit. Also, is regular LabView compatible with FRC LabView? Meaning if I make a file in the Non-FRC version, will it open in the FRC version and vice versa?

I believe you have 3 legal installs for any 3 team computers you like.

Every FRC team received a copy of LabVIEW with the same serial number. You do the math.

LabVIEW for FRC 2011 is version 8.6.1 plus some specialized libraries. Even if you have a version of LabVIEW capable of opening the files (typically, only one version away), you’ll have a bunch of missing vi files in any FRC robot project. You’ll likely have better luck opening non-FRC projects in the FRC LabVIEW, but the version still has to be close enough.

Yup. We do not limit you on the number of installs. We only ask that you use the software for FRC-related activities. And if you use it for more than just FRC, just let us know!