2011 Los Angeles Regional

surprisingly, I couldn’t find a thread for this yet, so I guess I’m starting it…

I have no interest in starting rumors so I am only going to ask questions… I caught a glimpse of a news story about team 1366. Does anybody know anything about this?

My local news (News 12, Cablevision) posted a quick blurb about in FB, but haven’t been able to find it on their website or anywhere else. Again, I don’t want this to turn into a game of telephone, so I won’t post what I’ve seen, I’m only asking questions.

All I know for certain is, they haven’t made a single match today. I haven’t heard anything further.

[Edit] It’s been brought to my attention that maybe some of the comments I made in this post might have been a little inappropriate. If that’s so, I apologize–at the time I was ignorant of the circumstances.

I believe there is good reason for their absence today. The story I read is a hotel issue… again, don’t want to list too much detail.

yeah, that’s what I was referring to…

I am amazed at the grammatical excellence of nj.com

Neither agency could not be reached for comment.

shouldn’t they leave out the “not”???

my thoughts are with 1366, the student’s family, and all of the FIRST community. I hope to hear about a moment of silence at this, and all regionals tomorrow.

This is difficult news to absorb. We all always wish the very best for all of our students in FIRST - for all of our teams.

My thoughts and prayers are with all of you at this time as this news unfolds.


Condolences from 126, it is always sad news to hear of such a loss…students in FIRST are like family. Our Thoughts and prayers are with you 1366.

Thank you Oscar… I’ve posted this link on my FB page, and I’d like to see it spread through the FIRST community like wildfire! Let’s spread the word, I feel people need to know.

It may not be our news to spread right now. The family is the first concern. And the team. I don’t know that making it spread quickly would be wise. I’d let it spread on it’s own. Just a thought, not a reprimand of any sort. This is very very sad.


Really sad to hear about this. The students from Newark robotics teams were really excited to travel cross country this season due to generous grants to the city.

I know all New Jersey teams will be acknowledging this loss tomorrow. My sympathies go out to the family.

After the awards ceremony, a special meeting was held to break the news to representatives from each team attending the regional, now the teams know.

Team 1366 went home and did not compete today. I presume they have arrived safely home by now. Their robot and equipment was packed into their crate for them, and will be shipped home.

Aside from this being such a horrible thing to happen, they were one of just two teams from outside California at our regional. The other outside team is from Chile. I sincerely hope they continue to enjoy their visit to beautiful seaside Long Beach.

We also had a robot catch fire during today’s competition. Team 702’s machine required the assistance of a fire extinguisher, and the match had to be stopped and replayed without them. They repaired their robot, renamed it Phoenix, and came back to play their later matches. Too much excitement today!

Most of all, condolences to our visitors from New Jersey.

I had the pleasure of meeting the members of 1366 during inspections in LA.

We will keep you guys in our prayers.

Team 75 just learned about this tragedy, and announced it to our team. We are all deeply sorry for the tragedy that has occurred. The students, parents, mentors, and alumni all wish to send our deepest condolences to the family and Team 1366.

Please don’t hesitate to contact 75 if you guys have anything that we can help with.

Most legend regional of 2011. Most amazing thing ever, when team 702’s robot got on fire!!! literally there was flames on their robot. They had to re-start the match. Also Congradulations to teams 1197, 968, and 3473. They used a strategy that ive never seen before, they had one of their scoring robots play defense and pic up tubes and move them on their side. They had one defensive robot stopping the opponent top scorer and they had 968 doing all the scoring. Also amazing proformance by team 1717, 330, 1515 and 3851. Team 599 had an amazing robot and won almost every match, but lost their last match against 1717 and 399. Congrats to 3512, though their a rookie team, they played just as good as any veteran team. Team 1717 and 968 both had some amazing robots and some amazing human players and drive teams, see you guys in St. Louis. Also its kinda cool having the Chilean teams at La, i kinda like the Chilean anthem :D. Overall amazing proformance and effort by all teams. Good job, and hopefully see all you guys next year. I tried to keep the tradegy that happen in the back off my mind, but i wish the best of luck to the families and students of team 1366. Our team signed three cards and were giving them to the team, family, and school. I’ll keep them in my prayers.

There was a moment of silence at the Los Angeles Regional. I would expect that FIRST did the same at other regionals, but I really don’t know.

It is very unfortunate that a FIRST member has passed away due to an unfortunate accident. Team 1197 sends their deepest condolences to the family as well as to Team 1366.

We would also like to send a HUGE THANK YOU to our alliance partners, RAWC #968 and Team Sprocket #3473 for helping to make the 2011 LA regional our most exciting and successful year yet! It’s because of synergy we brought as a team that we were able to make it all the way to the finish. RAWC’s scoring deftness and Team Sprocket’s superb driving abilities was exactly what we needed to take the quarter and semifinals in straight matches, as well as execute exactly what was needed to secure the two wins in the finals. A just as HUGE THANK YOU to 330, 1717, 1515, and 3851 for making this year’s playoffs the best it can be! Your robots are excellent just on their own and are simply scary allied together. For those teams we’ll run into at Las Vegas and now St. Luis, beware as we still have a couple more tricks up our sleeves… :wink:

Congratulations to Danielle Sisk and Louis Gavidia, Dean’s List finalist. And 3521, The Noble Nuts, Rookie All Stars

Congrats to kiet and our friends on 968.

Yeah. Even though they beat us in the semi’s, we were totally stoked that RAWC won the regional and punched their ticket to champs.

Hopefully we’ll be in the same division, we want to play again.