When ever I plug the Camera into the c-rio An error and enable the robot, we would get a live feed from the camera for like 4 seconds and then for some reason the robot would disconnect from the Driverstation and an error would show up on Windriver saying:

Target Exception:

VxWorks6x_10.3.69.2: Exception in Kernal Task FRC_paramTask:0x231b5b0
at pc=0x198F84

Vector 0x300 : Data Access addr=0x6D5FE50E status=0x3E8

The System has been stopped. Do you want to attach the debugger now?

I thought the new update would fix this problem
does any one know how to fix this?

I have look throught many other posts with this problem but there are no steps on how to fix this problem, or if there were steps, they were not clear.