2011 MARC Registration is NOW OPEN

Last year, 42 teams from all around the Midwest enjoyed a two-day event with a real friendly atmosphere. We are only getting better from the words that those teams are spreading. If your team wants to enjoy a very competitive off-season event with a friendly atmosphere, please sign-up for the 2011 MARC. This is a very high quality event. A top notch event needs top notch personnel. Many of the personnel that run the Michigan State Championship (MSC) fill the same roles at the M.A.R.C…

As coordinator of the Michigan Advanced Robotics Competition (M.A.R.C.) from the beginning, it has been my goal to put together an off-season competition that can compete at a compacity of IRI. Although my facility has the capacity, I feel that having a 42 team limit would make M.A.R.C. both very competitive and fun. Therefore a 42 team limit is in place in order to accomplish this while also providing each team a minimum of 10 qualification matches.

Sadly, last year I had to deny some teams admittance to the competition. To try and make a better schedule for all teams, a registration deadline of May 14th is now in place. Any registration form received after this date will only receive consideration if the 42 team limit has not been achieved. Team notification will be sent to accepted team main contacts (via e-mail) by noon May 16th. Once accepted to compete in M.A.R.C., teams will have until June 7th to submit payment. If payment is not received by this date, then your team will be removed from the participating team list and the next team on the wait list will be invited.


WHAT: Michigan Advanced Robotics Competition (MARC)

WHEN: June 24th at 1pm and June 25th (ALL DAY)

WHERE: Monroe High School
901 Herr Rd
Monroe, MI 48161

PRICE: $300 per team ($250 for the orgininal 12 Teams (PLANKOWNERS) )


REGISTRATION: Now until May 14th. Pay by May 30th and receive a $50.00 discount. Pay must be submitted by 6-7-11 to compete.

HOW TO REGISTER: Fill-out a 2011 Michigan Advanced Robotics Competition (MARC) Registration Form and sent via e-mail to [email protected].

FOOD: Teams can purchase hot dogs, nachos, pizza, cheesy bread and water/pop during the event (both days) at the arena.

LODGING: Available close by.

VOLUNTEERS: We have NUMEROUS positions that need great volunteers - field reset, crowd control, queuing, field repair, refereeing, pit admin…the list goes on. Those interested in volunteering should contact Lisa Perez. Due to the lack of volunteers to fill primary roles, special discounts will be given to teams that provide volunteers for refereeing, judging, and queuing ($25 OFF PRICE), Head Referee ($50)

EVENT INFO: Contact Steve Ketron 734-265-3567
[email protected]
VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR Lisa Perez [email protected]

2011 MARC Informational Flyer.doc (30 KB)

2011 MARC Informational Flyer.doc (30 KB)

We’ll be there! Let me know what you would like us to help with!

We should be there, I just need to make sure we know registration is open. I already emailed Lisa, but just to put it down here I have experience this year being a referee and would love to do it again. Hopefully it’s a great competition like last year :smiley:

John has already e-mailed me your teams application.

Official Team Social Information

More than likely the team social this year will be a movie watched in the Monroe High School Auditorium. I would estimate the capacity of the auditorium to be roughly 600 people, possibly more.

Already in the works is a plan to get popcorn machines to supply the viewers with popcorn. Other things are in the pipeline as well.

We would like to provide a fun atmosphere for everyone attending the social and because of this I would like to ask for some feedback from teams registered, teams planning on registering, or somebody who just wants to give their two cents. Public opinion will be strongly taken into account.

This is what I would like to know:

Which movie should we watch?
(We would like to watch something that vaguely technology related, some members of our team suggested Back to the Future. However you are welcome to suggest any movie you want.)

Is there something we should provide that would be totally awesome, aside from popcorn?

Please mention anything else you feel is relevant to team social information. Anybody attending the event (students, mentors, volunteers, etc.) is welcome to make suggestions. Since I am in charge of coordinating the team social this year be sure to either post them here or e-mail them to me, Trevor Jarrait, at [email protected]

I reccomend Summer Wars as the film choice.

461 will be there :ahh:
Good luck to everyone attending!

1918 will be there.

Movie suggestions:

Tron (The original)
Apollo 13

WOW. I think I’ll have to watch this on the way down to St Louis.

It’s REALLY good.

I will definitely be watching this sometime soon. It looks impressive.

The director is a disciple of Miyazaki. It shows in style and substance in this film.

As per Andy Baker, "Applications for competing at IRI will be entered on the IRI website, starting May 9th, ending May 15th."

This puts their registration deadline at the same time as M.A.R.C.'s. There are a lot of teams that try and go to both events. If you are interested in attending both events please pay attention to this and don,t forget to register for them both.

Team 2834 will be attending this excellent off-season event. I will get in on the FiM website.

Although the only only official teams invited are the 12 plankowners, 37 teams have applied for MARC 2011. If your team wants a shot at competing at MARC 2011, you must submit your registration form by the May 14th deadline. Otherwise your team is in a hope there is a spot open scenerio.

Sweet! Sounds like it will be another fun tournament… AND … I don’t have a daughter’s graduation party on this weekend this year! :smiley: WOOT! I have to check if we used your parts… I believe we did… So, let me know if you want us to buy them from you or if you want replacements so I can get them ordered if needed! I’m pretty sure they got put on mini-bots! :slight_smile:

I heard 1714 applied. I might go volunteer if I can find my way out there.

Hope you make it…

Cool. Good to see another Wisconsin team attend. I’m pretty sure 1732 sent in our registration.

Just curious, would it be possible to see the teams who applied?