2011 Mentor Get Together in St. Louis

I thought would be neat to have get togethers among the mentors…

If you are interested, check out the google map :

So far one event we are thinking is Hometwon Buffet @ 6:30PM (Shrewsbury) on Thursday April 28. Students are welcome to join us…

We are still working out the details for the other places in the map.


has anybody considered a bar/grill atmosphere? after some scouting gets done on thursday evening, i think the college mentors of 2415 would be down.

Don’t forget the Mentor Breakfast scheduled for Saturday morning - a great way to meet other mentors! I hope to get to see you all there!

Special Invitation to FIRST Robotics Competition Mentors

You are the backbone of FIRST and we would like to recognize and celebrate your unique contributions to the FIRST community.

Please join us for an FRC Mentor Breakfast at the Championship!

Hosted by AUTODESK

8 am – 9:30am, Saturday April 30th, 2011

Location: America’s Ballroom, second level America’s Center

Special Guest Speakers: Woodie Flowers, Dave Lavery and Joe Astroth

Please RSVP individually by 5pm EST, Friday April 22nd 2011 to [email protected] with the word “AUTODESK” in the subject line.

I would think more mentors would be able to attend if it was someone closer to the Dome. Maybe somewhere on the landing. I know some teams do not have have transportation and with rising gas prices would rather be able to walk there.

As a college mentor that is only going with 2 members of our team, I would be down for a get together as long as it is close by.

Thank you all for your feedback.
We hope to get a few mentors to join us for dinner at :

SqWires Restaurant
1415 S. 18th Street
Historic Lafayette Square
St. Louis, MO 63104

Thursday April 28 - Meet me at 6:30PM. If you are interested in joining me and need instruction in getting there by walking/bus/metro, send me an e-mail.

The restaurant is taking part of 18th Annual Dining Out for Life event across America. More than 3,500 restaurants, in 55 cities, donate at least 25% of their proceeds from this one special night of dining to the licensed agency in their city. More information can be found at http://www.diningoutforlife.com/

Does anyone know of any good place with happy hour near Edward Jones ?


Did you account for the fact that qualification matches run until 7 and pits don’t close at 8 when you set the time?


The event goes until 9PM, but the restaurant should be open later than that :

I imagine many mentors coming at 6:30PM will be local mentors coming just to check out the event or professionals that might be interested in finding out more info about FIRST Robotics.

Marcos. ::rtm::

I haven’t been here nor do I know if it has happy hour, but the International Tap House is a little over 2 miles away, gets great reviews and has an epic beer list. http://www.internationaltaphouse.com/soulard/index.php...I may have to stop on my way through on Wednesday…

I’ll put in a vote for the Tap house. I have a feeling the 2415 mentors would all be up for some company and conversation there.

I’d be up for doing something, especially Sunday. My team is leaving in the morning and I’ll be flying out at 7pm.

Tap House sounds good but I’ll be at a team dinner Thursday. Maybe something Wednesday?

Tonthat, if you’re looking for someone to hang with Wednesday night, let me know. As of right now I’m not doing much of anything after I get in.

I went to this last year. It was great and we will be attending again! :slight_smile:


I think a couple mentors will be going on Wed to :

I plan to stop by after the Wed FIRST Workshops, the last workshop is at 7PM…so I plan to be there around 9PM. I will be wearing an INCOSE MG pocket protector, it will be hard to miss me.

In other news :
Any mentors from the 2009 teams featured on PBS documentary Gearing Up has any plans for a get-together ?. I wonder how many teams featured on the documentary will be at the Championship ?