2011 Minnesota 10,000 Lake Regional

Hi just want to know who is all going!

Post pictures if you want of your robot.

We, Team 2861 think its going to be a very competitve year this year!

C.O.R.E. is going!

We’re coming along with all our machines (which we weren’t able to use at WI due to a miscommunication) to help out!

I also think 1714 (More Robotics) will come. Can someone confirm? By the way I kept looking for it at WI. I never saw did see it. I did see however a bunch of tubes seeming score themselves when 1714 were supposed to be on the field!:ahh:

i believe you guys could almost use last years robot with a new manipulator!:smiley:

Almost except our chain drive last year didn’t work and trying to drive mecanum with 2 wheels not working doesn’t work very well so we CNCed our chassis this year.

Just across the street is the North Star Regional.

Could you edit this thread to be a MN Double Regional Thread?

not quite sure how to change the title

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I am quite excited. I think as much as I would love our team to succeed in the competition, I’m more excited to see the growth in size, maturity, and intellect of the team. If the team behaves with class, interacts with and treats other teams well, and handles every situation in the most mature way possible, I will be more than enough happy with that.

Team 525 Swartdogs had a great time at the Greater KC Regional and are looking forward to playing with all the great teams at 10,000 Lakes next weekend. We are bringing Reptar, our mainbot, and minibots: Lil and Phil.

No doubt that 525 is a robot to watch at 10000 lakes. Can’t wait to see the annihilation. 10000 Lakes is going to be very competitive.

525, 1714, 2062, 93, 1806, 2502 are my short list of teams that could win the event.

What about 2169, 2052, 2500, or 2518?

2169 made it to finals at Lake Superior, 2052 and 2518 made it to semis, and 2500 was at quarterfinals.

Team 2470 is certainly excited for the regional! Here is a video of our robot as it progresses during the build season!


We are looking forward to seeing all of the teams, especially Team 93, Team 1714 and Team 2502!

Just wondering what yours or another’s shortlist for Northstar is.

I’m obviously biased but after our big win in Kansas City with our Swartdog friends from Team 525, we are looking for continued success at North Star next week. We’ve been working on improving our machine and our code and are looking forward to a great event!

Good Luck to Team 525 across the street at 10K Lakes, you guys will be a force over there, I’m sure.

Rugrats theme?

How’s this for a statistic:
2 regional/district winners
2 finalist
3 semifinalist and
5 quarterfinals appearances

And almost 4/5 of the field has yet to be seen this season :eek: !!!
Looks like it’s going to be a pretty deep regional and a LOT of fun.:slight_smile:
Can’t wait…
I would not be surprised given the depth of this field to see an upset in the elimination rounds.

My shortlist:
93 525 967 1714 and 2062
Not so dark horses:
141 2052 2169 1806

I will not be surprised to see a lot of successful teams come out of the field though and give some of these teams a run for their money in qualifications and elims.

Glad you had a great time in Kansas City taking away your 2nd win in a row at GKC regional. Good luck in Minnesota, plan on walking across the street and catch a couple of your rounds.