2011 Minnesota 10000 Lakes Regional

It’s looking like we will be seeing a lot of stiff competition this year. With this years regional we see the return of team 93 N.E.W. Apple Corps to Minnesota. I am also excited to see the return of teams 525, 1714, and 2062. I would also like to welcome teams 1806, 141, 967, and 3381 as newcomers to the Minnesota regional experience. To all returning Minnesota teams we look forward to seeing you all again, and to all rookies we look forward to getting to know you. Good luck everyone, and here’s to a successful season.:slight_smile:

Interesting list this year. 2177 and 2826 moved to other events, while 141 appears to be opting out of a chance at the Michigan State Championship to attend, having qualified for the FIRST Championship via Engineering Inspiration.

1806 won an award at every regional it has ever attended except Kansas City last year, and has been either a Finalist or Champion at almost every regional as well. 93 has been around for 14 (!) years with their fair share of cool robots and an event win in 2008. 525 was inches away from a win here last year and won with 93 in 2008. 2062 is pretty much the coolest team around and they’ve won their share of regionals.

I’ll miss 2502 though :frowning:

Yeah, we decided to switch it up this year and do the North Star regional across the street. After being regional finalists at 10,000 Lakes 3 years in a row, we thought we’d give someone else a chance (plus, coming that close and not winning 3 years in a row… We think the regional is cursed :p)!

Besides, by only attending 10,000 lakes, we really only got to interact with half the teams in Minnesota. We made some great friends there and hope to keep collaborating with them elsewhere… but we want to get out there and meet all the other teams in the area as well.

Team 2502 is planning on going to 10,000 Lakes this year. Our TIMS contact is changing this year from the original contact from 2008 to a newer mentor. We are trying to get him up to speed on the roles he has. We are having a meeting tonight, I am going to make sure he checks the box to attend the 10,000 Lakes Regional (3 spots left).

I have stopped by Northstar in the past and I am not a fan of the regional setup there (I like having the distinct pits and field at 10,000 Lakes) and I enjoy the teams that frequently attend 10,000 lakes.

Wait, we’re going to 10,000 Lakes?

Quickly goes to usfirst.org and looks up team list

<3 to MN and other teams that will be there!

It certainly looks like we are going to have a great regional this year!!! I can’t wait to see everyone from last year again! And welcome back team 93! Glad to see you’ve decided to return :smiley:

Team 93 rocks. They have helped us -Team 2450- at a couple of tough points during the pit time fixes and adjustments.

Gracious Professionalism? Team93-Team 93-Team 93

93 is definitely awesome. In 2009, 93 mentors helped machine a new intake roller for 1714, which we won the regional with. They’re a team anyone can go to for help at competition.

Need a new roller next season? We’ll help again!!! :slight_smile:

I feel I should clear up that I was being completely sarcastic with regards to my alma mater 1714. They’re a fantastic group of professionals who build quality robots and inspire communities better than most any other team; they’re by no means losers. :slight_smile:

2826 has always wanted to check out Midwest, but it has always been in concurrent weeks with the Wisconsin regional (or not on weeks that would work with the students schooling). Look for us to come back in future years, I know that my team has a blast with 2500 and their mini-socials! Don’t count me out though, I will still be showing up for some more fun!

Our team, as mentioned early by Trent, is having TIMS/mentor internet issues… This is getting scary…:ahh: (1 spot left and our main TIMS mentor’s internet crapped out)…

Team 2502 is now signed up in the last spot for the 10,000 Lakes Regional

Awesome!! I am looking froward to seeing you guys at the regional again! Last year one of your programmers helped us out a lot with something that was broken in our Pneumatics system. I don’t remember exactly what it was at the moment, but it certainly improved our robot!

I wonder why 10000 lakes filled up this year faster than Northstar? The last two years it has been the other way around…

To me it seems that we have more out-of-state teams attending the 10,000 Lakes Regional this year compared to the North Star. Also personally I like the way that 10,000 Lakes does the pits and field more when compared with the North Star Regional.

Same here, it keeps the Pits a little quieter having the separation though it makes bot travel a bit more annoying.

I take it you will be announcing again Tyler?

Could this thread be turned into a U of M Double Regional thread?

We’re attending as rookies, and it sounds like a very friendly regional.

Well on behalf of team 2861, we would like to announce that we are going to be at 10,000 Lake Regional! This year we are going to have a very nice robot that apperently can do some damage to that scoreboard when we can get the logo across all the top pegs during teleop! Plus our robot is a fast defensive robot!

Indeed it is! And as Chris said:

So don’t hesitate to approach us and ask for help! It’s part of the reason we go there!