2011 New Jersey Regional

Figured I’d kick off the topic. So who’s returning to NJ? What do you expect? Any rookies or first time NJers coming?

I think Its going to be a blast as always!

Well Brandon, like I stated in our PM’s we will be returning to NJ after our two year hiatus. I am SO excited that we are too since the playing field is very even for everyone. This provides teams that are going to be in other regionals an introduction to the game and how to play it. I know this will be very important when we go to Philly as well. I truly cannot wait until the regional though. I know for a fact that it will be very competitive and fun as well.

1676 is looking forward to it!

Teams I personally enjoy seeing every year:

1676 - I just like you guys. First thing I look for at NJ is usually your trailer in the parking lot :stuck_out_tongue:
2016 - Awesome bot every year
224 - Made our last ‘09 match the match I remember most to this day.
816 - Lovin’ that fro. Had fun helping you guys out for that entire half second this year, just to see you beat us later. haha.
303 - Thanks to them, we got our first trip into the eliminations.
1089 - All around huge help.
1923 - Helped us a ton in '09

Just a quick piece of info for everyone, we are registered for NJ as of yesterday. :cool:

Personally, I miss the NJ atmosphere. Our team decided not to go last year, but I loved the intensity, the venue, and the people! Although there are always the set up problems, those are at every regional. If it were up to me, NJ would be our first pick.

Im sure a few of us will be visiting, as always, to say a brief hello to everyone.

Good luck to every team attending!!! :smiley:

816 will be back in Jersey once again. Hopefully we’ll be able to improve upon our Finalist Performance from last year.

There is more to our team than my hair, you know. :stuck_out_tongue:

And let me know if there’s anything we can do to pay back the help you gave us last year. You’re more than welcome to come practice with us towards the end of Build Season.

I really needed to quote that one Dustin.


Nah just kidding. You guys are awesome though.

Eeek, that numbers supposed to be 1228 not 224. oopsies!

Waldo’s coming back, if you can find us!

I’ve never been to this regional before.
Last year was my 1st and I’m looking forward to this the new year and new challenges.
I guarantee I will be huddles in a corner somewhere.

Yay Waldo! It’ll be great seeing all you folks again - last time was Toronto and Chairman’s…

YAY! You guys are legendary on our team haha. We miss you!

NJ’s initial capacity has been reached and registering teams are now going directly onto the wait list.

56 teams are showing with another ~10 potential openings on the wait list.

So glad to see things filling up with haste again…last year was slow everywhere. Should I even think for new controllers?

Just volunteered as Field Supervisor today, hopefully I get it and I can see you all!

2016 will be there! :smiley:

Team 2729 will be there! Can’t believe the NJ Regional is only 60 days away! Sooo excited! :slight_smile:

My team and I appreciate the complement. I enjoy seeing your team at Trenton also. :slight_smile:


Team 422 isn’t going to the New Jersey Regional this year. The schedule and distance are too conflicting. I know I will miss being in Trenton this year to watch probably the best tournament of all of the regionals because of its Week 1 slot and very skilled and large-scale veteran teams, and the historically “upstart” rookies that really know how to fly out of the gate, like Overdrive.

I’ll definitely be missing 1676! I love your team, and your website! I hope to see some people from the NJ regional either in Baltimore of Richmond, VA!

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thanks for the shout-out :smiley: we cant wait until jersey either! really looking forward to showing off our machine and maybe, just maybe walking away with a win :slight_smile: cant wait to see y’all out there!