2011 password

My mentor wanted to know the 2011 FRC password given to us all at Kickoff, but he forgot it. Does anyone know what it is?


I believe it was 5Time4For3Robots2To1Dance…or something along those lines.

“5Time4For3Robots2to1Dance!” according to a quick search of the forums.

One exclamation point short. Darn.


Is it a bad thing that I knew it off the top of my head?

Not necessarily. It would be bad if you randomly said when it wasn’t mentioned, though. Well, maybe not bad… Probably just a symptom of being in FIRST, and how could that be bad?

I was just asking my self the same thing

You do realize that there are unencrypted versions of the manual out now right?

Like right here

My lead mentor just wanted the password. No idea why, but he wanted it.