2011 Pittsburgh Regional

Team 1629 GaCo would like to wish everyone attending the 2011 Pittsburgh Regional good luck and we cannot wait to see all of the unique designs that each team has come up with!!! It will be a great couple of days of competition, with some truly amazing teams attending!!!

And it’s back to a three-day format again, thank heavens!

I’m super excited to be volunteering at Pittsburgh this year! :smiley: Just remember to double check those robot rules to make it easier on yourself and the inspectors. ::safety::

See you all there!

Less than a week til Pitt, 1507 will be making our first appearance there this year and we are pumpeddddd! Let’s get some hype!!!

Team 1743 is uber excited for the Pittsburgh regional! If any one needs help or directions getting around Pittsburgh feel free to stop by our pit(where the pink people).

Just, finishing up packing our stuff over here in canada. Team 772 has their new pits and the new robot Toruk ready to go tomorrow and every one seems very excited. just cant wait until i get to sleep on the way there. havent had a good night sleep since before kickoff. Be sure to stop by and say hello to 1 of the 4 Canadian teams.

1038 is excited, although conflicts with other activities has limited our traveling squad to 6 students and 7 mentors. We are ready to play! We may be small in numbers this year, but if anyone needs any help at all. Do not hesitate to stop by.

Good luck!

1503 and our robot SPARDIS are in town and ready to rock. Make sure to say hello to not just one, but all 4 Canadian teams. And yes, we say about like aboot.


Anyone know if there will be a Pittsburgh Webcast?


Brandon Maris* from AndyMark will be at the Pittsburgh Regional to help out as needed. So, if you need any AndyMark product issues addressed, he can help.

    • Yes, his name is very similar to the webmaster of this site, but he is actually a different person. Although, strangely enough, they have similar personalities.

Andy Baker

I am not sure if someone is streaming the regional, but I know one of our team members are video taping and editing the event for FIRST.

Try 291 CIA’s website


CIA is doing a webcast on thier site, http://team291.org/Team291/Pittsburgh_Webcast/Webcast.html

Nick, it’ll be good to finally be back with you guys again, it’s been a while since we went to a regional with you.

Agreed. Unfortunately, I don’t think we’re pit buddies this year.


Yeah, we went down to the event center to unload today and I must say I was a little disappointed when we saw you aren’t next to us :frowning: although you are next to our sister team 378 so we might stop by :P. Also, I took a look at your robot, fantastic work as always and I can’t wait to see it in action.

And 48 (who has done both Pittsburgh and Buckeye webcasts in the past) will have our webcast guy and equipment there as backup and additional support, if needed. With 291 running it, I doubt that will be necessary.

Looking forward to tomorrow! See everyone there. :slight_smile:

Thank you, I look forward to seeing you and your robot tomorrow.


I have it on good authority that the Simbots have a Double Ubertube Auto.

Wait, you mean that they don’t have a triple Ubertube autonomous?