2011 Sacramento Regional

Who is starting to get excited?

It should be an awesome event this year!

-Kevin from 675

Yeah should be a really fun regional this year.

“FIRST” team 1671 the Buchanan Bird Brains are working hard and putting the finishing touches on the bot.

1671 is excited and ready, watch out!

If you’re willing to share, what type of payload is 1671 doing this year?

Our team has decided to release everything Saturday after our “Open House/Media Day”. I will say we have an arm with a “claw”. Pictures and video will be posted to CD next saturday after our powder coating is done! :slight_smile:

We are doing a design similar to yours. We are releasing the ours soon as well.

Here is our teams animation that will be competing at this competition!

That was amazing!


That made me laugh so hard. Major Props!


Here is a HQ Version!

Anyone going to be at the Fembot’s scrimmage Saturday? Excited to see what a lot of the Sacramento teams will be bringing to competition.

2073 will be there Saturday, and at th Sacramento Regional.

We will also be going to Nationals this year!:smiley:

I’m not in an FRC team, but I’m excited about going because there is going to be a NorCal FTC Skills Driving Challenge at Saturday in the regional and at the SV Regional. Anyone can attend and there will be robots built to use so there’s no need to use any minibot parts for this. It’s just for fun but it seems very exciting since it has been off-season for FTC teams since January.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to see what teams bring to the competition and I hope there will be a webcast!

1868 is going to be back at Davis this year after missing last year. It’ll be great to catch up with our alliance mates from SVR last year- 100 and 675. Expect some crazy spirit from us this year…

Taylor, if you mess with this I’m stealing your slinky.

Looking forward to showing up at the Sacramento Regional with new team this year. I haven’t seen the competition there since I drove the 1351 bot back in 2006, so I’m going to be all manner of lost and confused as I lounge in the pits and tell our drivers to drive faster.

And I’ll be there with these guys with a yet to be determined color of hair:

And my slinky will bring peace and goodwill to all regional participants. No stealing.

A new team to this regional, Team 2733 The Pigmice will be there all the way from Portland,Oregon. Hope its a blast

That alliance sounds good to me! haha. All three teams are going to be there too!

I am really starting to get excited about SAC, only a few days now!!

This slinky intrigues me…

Three more days until D-Day!

the one problem with this is i have to get up at 5 AM tomorrow morning which is going to be oh so fun…

it’s should be the only downside of tomorrow. I’m so excited because this is my first regional competition. (I went to calgames, but that doesn’t count as a regional).

Best of luck to the boys from MadTown, 1323!