2011 Safety Animation

Has anyone submitted their safety animation? I am wondering what format the animation is supposed to be in.
I didn’t understand this line:

•Be submitted electronically as a region one .iso image of a dvd

I sent an email to FIRST, but haven’t heard back yet.
Thanks for any info!

I don’t do FRC/only know about the safety animation from this year’s forum posts, but…

An .iso image (from my understanding) is an exact copy of what is on a disc/DVD. Think of it as a file that includes all the formatting for the DVD - menu, tracks, the movie, etc. So, I think that line means that FIRST basically wants a DVD, but in electronic format - an iso file. When they receive the file, they can burn it directly to a disk (or use some other software to view it on their computer). I’m not sure what types of software create iso files, though.

I hope I’m correct/clear…

you got it on the head of the nail there. an iso file is just what they are going to use to make a dvd (it helps the judges out) :rolleyes:

I would suggest something like Daemon Tools; make sure it’s a full version if your video is a hefty one. Look around though.

Best of luck.