2011 San Diego Regional

Good luck next week to all those teams competing in the San Diego FRC Regional!!

More info: www.SanDiegoRegional.com
Live Broadcast: www.team987.com/community/webcast.html

Join Cogmation Robotics alongside the practice stadium!

Robokong is looking forward to competing in San Diego along with several of our rookie teams from the Inland Empire.

Looking forward to it!
Rookie year competition, good luck everyone.

My prediction is 254+973+2493

Do you know if Thursday will be broadcast?

Not sure if they will broadcast today. They are unpacking, doing changes and some practice trys in the practice stadium.

Anyone else know? When going to the webcast link there is nothing playing currently.


I honestly am very surprised at our performance this week, it was unbelievable considering the situation we were in.

Can anyone that was at the San Diego regional identify the team numbers for WFFA winner Walter Solomon and Dean’s List Finalist Keegan Mann? Thanks!

3255- Dean’s List
812- WFA

Excellent, thank you very much!