2011 SCRRF Fall Classic - Burbank, CA

Announcing the 2011 edition of the Southern California Regional Robotics Forum (SCRRF) Fall Classic!
What: Fall Classic Robotics Competition
When: Sat. Sept. 24
Where: John Burroughs High School, Burbank, CA

We are playing FRC LogoMotion (with minor rules modifications under consideration).

This is a great opportunity to introduce new students, mentors and sponsors to FIRST Robotics Competition.

Look for more details here on Chief Delphi and on the LA Robotics website.

We’ll be there with 2/3 again!

We’ll be there again!
Thanks for putting this event together! We find it as an excellent way to gauge new drivers’ skills. It is always a pleasure seeing fellow SoCal teams at this event!

1323 will be coming down again!


Registration is now open for the Fall Classic:


Only $150 per team if registered by Sept. 16!!

IRI rules?

Rookie teams welcome? Need to get the kids working on the bot!

Always are! Even pre-rookies!

A couple of SCRRF officers on-hand at IRI discussed this during the finals and we thought the IRI rule changes worked quite well.

The 10-point differential between 1st and 2nd place in the minibot race in the “official” game rules too often overwhelmed scoring of game pieces. Many minibot races were decided by fractions of a second. Equalizing 1st and 2nd place minibot scores restored the importance of performing well in the other 99% of the match.

Allowing ubertubes to be placed on the racks after autonomous to double the point value of tubes subsequently scored boosted match scores significantly. The six-point per ubertube bonus seemed to be an adequate reward for success in autonomous mode.

We are leaning towards IRI game rules, but haven’t discussed serpentine alliance selection yet. We’ll make a final decision in the next two weeks.

This year’s Rookie Teams are especially welcome. They benefit more than the veterans.

Pre-Rookies, teams that are just forming and have not participated in an official FIRST event, are also welcome.

We try and find a robot for Pre-Rookies to drive and find out what it is like to be “behind the glass” Pre-Rookies traditionally are not required to pay the entry fee.

Team 3647 from SD will be probably coming up.
Got to iron out a few details x]
Can’t wait! This was just our rookie season.

Yeah, us too. Need a drive train overhaul. It will be a fun first-month-of-school project for the team.

Yeah, us too. Need a drive train overhaul. It will be a fun first-month-of-school project for the team.

Our whole robot could use a over haul…

That is what off-seasons are for… to get it right this time.

That’s what we are doing. Currently working on a custom gearbox to power our new arm, since the one we used for competition failed. It’s so much more “fun” without the pressure of a ship date breathing down your neck.

Yeah, we are redoing our pick up arm currently. Along with welding up pieces that have fallen off.

Apparently, I will be making an appearance as well. Hmm…

Overall, really excited to see what California teams have to offer. I have only heard so much great and positive comments from out here on the east coast.

I know it is a little early to know, but how many matches are teams looking at playing?


If the match cycle is 6 minutes, we might get up to 30 matches played in quals. For sure, we’d like to play at least 24 qualification matches.

The number of matches per teams obviously depends upon the number of teams. With 24 teams, playing 6 to 7 matches in the qualification round is expected. A few teams may play that many in the elimination rounds.

Will it be a FMS set up? Or will be using bridges?