2011 SCRRF Fall Classic - Burbank, CA

2011 Fall Classic Update

With three weeks until the event, we are over half-capacity for teams. Already, an impressive field has registered, including:
FRC 973 (2011 World Champions), FRC 1538 (SVR Winner), FRC 399 (Utah Regional Winner), FRC 1323 (SVR Finalist).

We are planning a Team Social for the Fall Classic!
We’re looking at live music entertainment and concessions, starting right after the WRRF field is loaded onto the truck.

**Please register your team at http://larobotics.org/FallClassic2011.html.
Don’t get shutout - discounted registration until Sept 16! **

Further information (agenda, possible rule changes, local hotels, etc.) for teams interested in the event is available at https://sites.google.com/site/frc980/

Get ready for some ACTION!!

Hey Dave,

We are doing final assembly after a complete rebuild of our robot. If we get done by the end of this week, then we will be signing up.

Of course I’ll be there the night before to help setup. Can’t miss out on that fun ;>

Team 1138 is looking forward to this event. And i personally can’t wait til this competition. :smiley:

Very much looking forward to the event. I’m using it as a recruitment tool. Youtube videos can only show a fraction of the excitement at the live event. Hopefully we can get 10 new students to show up… that would bring our team up to 20 or so students!

I just realized nobody had answered this

I believe we will be using FMS Lite. The field controls should be transparent to the teams. You will have to set up your bridge for the event and it should justwork from there.

After several years of not participating, 696 will be making a return to the Fall Classic event. Look for our robot named “Reptar” with the roller claw with green wheels and orange belts.

So what’s the final decision?

Is there a final team list?

Also, on the registration page it mentions doing a draft with 4 teams per alliance, unless 32 teams show up this seems a bit strange to me.

No inside info here, but my guess would be 4 alliances composed of 4 teams, due to the 16 teams who are currently registered.

Where’d you find that info?

that’s the registration Spreadsheet.

Cool, if anyone is interested in total accuracy of the list we’re bringing 3 robots total.

Also, surprising to not see 294 going.

Last time I talked to somebody on the team they were planning to come. But that was a while ago. 330 didn’t sign up until this weekend and won’t have their first team meeting until tomorrow night.

Which is a long way of saying teams are still getting their acts together, even World Champs have trouble with this.

So just for clarification what are the rules at the Fall Classic? is it going to be the same as the IRI rules, or the regular season rules??

IRI-esque rules:

Scoring and Rule Changes

Scoring and rules will be the same as the official FIRST 2011 LogoMotion game with the following exceptions:

Ubertubes may be place on scoring pegs during teleoperated mode to double point value of any game piece placed over the Ubertube. Only Ubertubes placed during autonomous mode earn a 6-point bonus.

Game pieces scored on the bottom row are worth 2-points each (rather than 1-point).

Minibot scoring is as follows: 1st and 2nd place - 20 points, 3rd and 4th place - 15 points

Alliance Selection & Tournament Play

With more than 20 teams competing, the elimination tournament will be played with 6 Alliances. The #1 and #2 alliances will receive “byes” in the quarterfinal round and compete as semi-finalists.

Alliances will consist of four teams. Alliance selection will be in forward order (1, 2, 3, …) for the second teams, in forward order for the third teams, and in reverse order for the fourth teams. The alliance captains will have full discretion on which three teams play each match. There is no requirement that all teams in the alliance play an elimination match.

If less than 24 robots compete, the 6 alliances will consist of at least 3 teams. Alliances will select fourth team members in the last (serpentine) round until no robots remain. Semifinal alliances with 3 robots will select 4th robots from teams eliminated in the quarterfinals (in serpentine order).

Alliances are allowed one six-minute time-out during the Tournament Play. Alliances may not give their time out to the other alliance.

Do the #1 and #2 seed have the option of passing on these bye’s ? :smiley:

If we’re tight on time (as we usually are) the quarterfinals are likely to be a single “play-in” match into the semis.

We don’t want the #1 and #2 seeds to be short-changed on the number of matches played.

Any of the teams coming have a spare jaguar by any chance? Just blew one tonight on our newest creation and it puts a serious damper on drive.


We’ve got plenty of greys, and I think we have some black jags too. I’ll check tomorrow.