2011 St. Louis Regional

Team 1094 had an awesome time with 1182 and 1723 in the final rounds and it was great to meet the students and mentors from the rookie teams!

It was a great competition and we were glad to be a part of it!



You guys have been awesome for such a long time, we are so very happy to see you with Chairman’s and Ralph getting the Woodie Flowers Award. It has been a long time coming and so very well deserved. Please convey our congratulations to your entire wonderful team.

Add my congratulations to Ralph Lambert and all of the Channel Cats, on his WFFA and their RCA – both extremely well deserved and long overdue. I have admired the way your team represents the core values of FIRST, and the St. Louis region, for many seasons. You are heroes to me and to many, many others.

Congratulations also to the awesomely dominant #1 Alliance: 1985, 3284, and 3397. It was an honor to compete with you.

And to my own 931 Perpetual Chaos and our alliance partners 1706 and 3858 – we gave them a good run and went down fighting.

I am looking forward to seeing several St. Louis region teams at the FIRST World Championship. It is going to be an inspiring event. :slight_smile:

1985 and 931 - thank you both so much for your accolades!

1985 - thanks for always being gracious and allowing us to use your field before ship date so we had some height to practice automode, and your robot and mini-bot are so awesome to watch, always smooth and efficient!

931 - you were awesome pit neighbors (thanks for letting us borrow the vacuum, over and over), and I was tickled seeing a bright green CHEESE shirt (with yellow hair?) wander over while we were in a time out to see if he could help in the final matches.

See you in April!!