2011 Tempest N' Tampa

TNT is Back!

On Friday Sept. 16th, 2011-Saturday Sept. 17th, 2011 Team 79 will host its 4th Tempest N’ Tampa for FRC at a new location, The Bob Martinez Sports Center on The University of Tampa Campus.

There will be an FRC off-season competition as well as FTC and FLL activities.

Like always, there will be practice on Friday with free overnight accommodations for FRC teams (Sleep-In in the main room) from Friday to Saturday.

Save the date. You will not want to miss out on a fun time!

More details to come.:slight_smile:


I’m very excited for TNT’s return.

Duly marked. I also can’t wait to see TNT make its comeback!


That is all

WAHOOOOO!!! This is one of our favorite events!

So excited!!! This is very possibly my favorite event all year!!! :smiley:

Team 79 is also very excited to bring it back!

We cannot wait to see y’all this season at the regionals and at TNT :slight_smile:

Who is the point of contact for Tempest in Tampa?

Pretty sure it’s still Brian Camp. Very excited for this event.

Have yet to be able to get in contact with him. That’s why I posted here. I hope someone from the committee comes across this soon.

Here is the link to the info page for TNT for everyone since this should have been posted already. Arefin you know how summer is everyone goes into hiding.


I’ve heard good things, this will be my first TNT. Look for the Killer Bee hat.


I cant wait!!! All nighter with all of my friends!! <3333 my favorite event ever…(other than the season competitions)!!!

You will not be disappointed! Team 79 is anxiously awaiting and preparing for TNT. We are hoping for the best TNT to date.

Summer has taken a toll on checking this thread but from now on I will frequently check it and if you have any further questions feel free to PM me, mail Brian Camp at brian.camp@honeywell.com, or look on the website at http://www.roboticsboosters.com/tnt/

Hope to see you guys in September at The University of Tampa!!

And Tori, I am so excited :slight_smile:

Calendar marked, date saved, request to be a volunteer e-mail sent.

This event is easily in the top 5 best off seasons in the world.