2011 Waterloo Regional

Who’s ready for the 2011 installment of the Waterloo Regional? Over the years this event has seen vices and dumbells strapped to robots, a team almost losing a 1 v 0 match, and of course a 300 L bag of popcorn.I’m sure this year’s event will continue the legacy of the zany and unpredictable events of what has become known has the most fun event in all of FIRST. Adding to the excitement will be the return of our old game announcer after a one year abscence! I know I’m pumped.

2011 Waterloo Regional… Get your popcorn ready!

Absolutely can’t wait, this venue is always awesome!

2200 has some programming to do on the weekend though :smiley:

Team 1334 is looking forward to Water Water Water Loo Loo Loo!

Team 781 Kinetic Knights is excited for this year’s Waterloo competition as usual. We can’t wait to see teams on the field! :smiley: good luck to everyone!

The 3 Grandville Michigan teams cannot wait until Waterloo! We are still at the West Michigan event and we are already talking about the trip cross-border! I can only imagine if the guards ask to check the trailer and they open it to see 3 robots, 9 carts full of tools and the other full of luggage!

I can imagine it now:
Guard- “This is lunacy!”
Team member- “No that was 2009…”

~RoboDawGs 216, 244, 288~

Though my team isnt competing, we’ll be attending on Saturday to cheer on our friends.

I’m really excited.


2200 will be providing a webcast this year. This is going to be one of the best regionals of the year, as Karthik said, get your popcorn ready!

Waterloo was on our short list of 2nd Regionals, but our school administration wouldn’t approve the trip out of country. Wishing everyone luck!

…Interesting… Why does TBA say the match score was 14-20?

I understand the 20. (1006 scored 8 pts (3 robot laps + 1 trackball lap), plus 12 pts for the other red ball still on the overpass), but wasn’t <G22> (line violation by 1535 in auto) a 2 pt penalty? I guess the final score makes sense if <G22> was a 10pt penalty…

G22 was a 10 point penalty.

Will we possibly see a return of the announcer game?

Waterloo is so much fun to watch it attracts viewers to a 29 team event with prohibitive favorites while other huge regionals are happening

I hope the announcer game returns, it was really good fun. I wish I was there for the ridiculousness that is the combo of Karthik and Paul. Not sure who is running the webcast, (if you guys need help send me an email), but hopefully there is some level of interaction.

I hope I can sneak down there for Saturday, but its a long way from Kingston…

We’ve always wanted to go to Waterloo. Sounds like it’ll be great yet again this year.

Jonathan, Myself, SeanNoseworthy and basicxman (CD Handles) will be running the webcast. if you have any tips for us you can PM me. I’ll do my best to see what kind of interaction we can get going.

Interesting tidbit: 3 of 2056’s 6 match losses in 2010 (all 3 at the regional level) were to alliances involving 1114, and 2 of the other 3 were on Einstein, to the eventual 2010 Champion Alliance.

1114 had 3 losses in 2010. All at Championship. 1 in Qualifications, a match they played 6v0 against 111,888, and 469, and 2 in the finals on Einstein.

781 will be leaving for Waterloo in just a few hours. This is a good indication that I should already be asleep. Oh well, we are looking forward to playing Logomotion!

Stream is up.

http://mmrambotics.ca/waterloo (Just Waterloo)

http://mmrambotics.ca/regionalfeed (Multiple regionals)

I have word that another camera has been ordered for Waterloo and tomorrow will have two video sources and alternative between.

Later on in the event today we had the camera focusing on the action instead of an overview of the whole field - unfortunately we could not zoom out the entire way to see all scoring racks.

Tomorrow will be great :smiley:

Water water loo!

Heading back to waterloo for the day, SO PUMPED! Can’t wait to have paul back announcing.

Yeah… I LOVED 2008. Karthik/Paul made an awesome pair that year. Boom-shaka-laka!