2012 BAE Granite State Regional

Alright kids who is ready for one of the best, most competitive, and history rich regionals of the year?

Team list includes two rookies, three countries, and so much more!

20 The Rocketeers
58 Riot Crew
61 BVT FIRST Robotics
78 AIR Strike
95 Grasshoppers
126 Gael Force
131 C.H.A.O.S.
133 B.E.R.T
134 Team Discovery
138 Entropy
151 Tough Techs
157 AZTECHS 157
166 Chop Shop
172 Northern Force
175 Buzz Robotics
213 The Dirty Birds
238 Cruisin Crusaders
319 Big Bad Bob
501 The PowerKnights
509 Red Storm
716 Who’sCTEKS
811 Cardinals
1058 PVC Pirates
1073 The Force Team
1153 Robo-Rebels
1247 Robotics of Kearsarge (ROK)
1277 Team 1277, the Musketeers
1289 Gearheadz
1307 Robosaints
1493 The Falcons
1512 The Metal Vidsters
1517 The Lumberjacks
1519 Mechanical Mayhem
1547 Where’s Waldo?
1721 Tidal Force
1729 Plan B
1824 1824
1831 Screaming Eagles
1922 Oz-Ram
2342 Team Phoenix
2791 Shaker Robotics
3323 Potential Energy
3451 Team Boss
3467 The Windham Windup
3585 Rogue Robots of 4-H
3597 Robo-Rangers
3609 Duct Tape Dragons
4034 Pelham Pythonssss
4403 Peñoles-ITESM

Let the count down begin… 8 days!

:slight_smile:BUZZ:slight_smile: is ready!!!

the Lumberjacks are looking forward to another great GSR competition!

I can’t wait to go with 1922, Oz-Ram! I read negative things about week 1 regionals but I would hate to wait for a later one. Our team is very pleased with Tin Man VII and we want to see how it compares with all the teams that come to Manchester.


Gael Force Team 126 will be holding a collection for a local homeless shelter
Collection bins will be located in the pits Thursday - Saturday
ANY DONATION HELPS :slight_smile:

We are looking for teams to bring the following items to donate:Personal Size Toiletries
Laundry Detergent
City Bus Passes (now $3.00 per day)
Disposable Razor
Toothpaste Shoes
Date Books
Bath Towels
Plastic Shower Curtin Liners
Gas Gift Cards

**if you have any questions please contact me at kristine.atiyeh@gmail.com

Thank you and good luck to everyone!

Plan B (1729) is definately looking forward to GSR.

Good luck to all.

I just found out today that I’m going to go watch GSR for the first time in person. It’s always my favorite stream to watch and I can’t wait to go.

You are in for a real treat!

Team 20 is pumped! Big change in team organization this year, looking forward to seeing how it works out!

Webcast Link?

I’m looking forward to GSR too! Just a note for teams traveling to NH - President Obama is supposed to speak in Nashua next Thursday. I suspect that we’ll all be having a good time testing robots and catching up with teams we haven’t seen in a while but if he’s here early or late enough in the day, some travel might be impacted. I’m thinking mostly of traffic delays.

Trying to Help

Here is a quick video I made of team 3467’s robot after requests from family, friends, and co-workers were getting numerous! Feel free to link photos/vids of your robots too!



6wd 2 speed with AM Plactions and IFI wheels
Full width ball pickup that doubles as our bridge manipulator
Shooter capable of shooting from half court but we stick to the key


I will be there! Just to visit and see Rebound Rumble in action, and film for “Let’s Talk FIRST!” . :slight_smile: See you all soon!

Team 1058 and their Linsane robot will be there! Good luck teams!

The Cardinals (FIRST Team 811) will be there launchin’ balls! Good luck to everyone, and great job to all the students for putting out some great works, can’t wait to see what you guys have there!

If anyone’s buying last minute batteries in Manchester at Batteries Plus, there’s a $5 coupon here: http://www.batteriesplus.com/printcoupons.aspx?sid=401

Trying to Help

Sadly 176 wont be attending BAE this year, but a few members of the team will be traveling up Saturday to watch the end of qualifications, and root on our favorite New England teams in eliminations.

Cant wait to see old friends. Good luck teams!

Sad to say but the Manchester, NH store has no FIRST legal for competition batteries.

1493 just finished packing all the tools and goodies to bring and cant wait to trek thru the snow in the morning (hopefully making it on time). We made big steps this year and cant wait to see how things turned out.

I was hoping this webcast link would work, but no luck yet.


Anyone got any information?