2012 Battle O' Baltimore - Sept. 15

Announcing the 6th annual Battle O’ Baltimore!

September 15, 2012. (This is close enough to the 198th anniversary of the other Battle of Baltimore).

We have a new spacious venue.

New Town High School in Owings Mills, Maryland.
NW of the Baltimore Beltway near 795.

Website, registration, and how to volunteer coming soon.

Looking forward to more information, I’d like to get 2914 out to at least one off season event.


I may be in Baltimore for college next fall. Looking forward to visiting the event!

Awesome! I can’t wait until the full details are posted. I’ll do my best to get up there that day. :slight_smile:

The RoboBees will be there! We are looking forward to it!

Registration is open.

To register interest - please fill out the form found here:

Interested in volunteering? Send me an email. I will then forward on.

Questions? Contact Mark at the email posted here: http://www.battleobaltimore.com/reg.php

This is going to be a fun day!

Just wonder in year past theirs a twist to the game when will teams know the twist this year

My guess is any adaptions to the game will be released sometime in late July. Crab balls?

When will the list of teams be on the website wish to see who we compete against>Also it allows us to look at their bots and pre scout before the event

2914 is registered and has some sweet upgrades planned.


I’ll be in Baltimore for college this fall! by Sept. I’ll be needing a little robotics in my life, so I hope to make it! :slight_smile:

Rachel!!! I hope you can attend, it will be fun. Also, we might be pinging you for some help that day.


Look for a team list a bit later this summer.

The team list will be up soon. We are currently at 14 robots.
Remember, the early registration discount expires on July 31st so sign up now!
Also look for info on a tee-shirt design contest. I will enclose a flyer with your registration receipt and will have one posted on the website.

Team 422 is excited to attend our first Battle O’ Baltimore!

Team list is up with 12 teams and 14 robots so far. http://www.battleobaltimore.com/teams.php


Do teams entering 2 robots pay double registration?

While we aren’t on the official list yet, 357 will be attending again this year. We are looking forward to competing in September with the rest of the teams.

Perhaps we’ll get a chance to join up again, worked well last time, though we have a few new tricks planned. :yikes:


Team 449 looks forward to participating in BoB! It’s such a pleasure every year.