2012 - Boilermaker Regional

OK, I’ll start the thread.
Who’s coming to BMR this year?

FIRST Team 1501 (T.H.R.U.S.T.) will be there. We haven’t missed one yet.

See you all there :smiley:

First Team 45 (The Technokats) will be there. We hope to actually compete unlike last year where we sat in the pits all day.

I am volunteering at the event… Does that count?

Sure, why not. :smiley:

FIRST Team 461 will be there. Good Luck to Everyone!

P.S. I’m super excited to see all the new teams! 11 rookies i believe. McCutcheon’s team looks promising as does Andy Baker’s new team.

Team 2338 is wait-listed. Hope we get in!

FIRST Team 1732 (Hilltopper Robotics) will be there, for the first time.

The Goats will be in the barn like we have for every Boilermaker regional.

2081 Icarus will be there!!

Side note: 2040 D.E.R.T. will not be at the Boilermaker this year, they are going to the Wisconsin Regional. That means the Spirit Award is up for grabs!!! (they have won this award for the past 3 years)

Team 4058 will also be there

FIRST rookie team 3947 will be there. We cant wait to see our friends from THRUST and Cyber Blue there.:smiley:

Team 292 will be at the BMR again this year. Looking for a great BMR Regional.

What? no more pool noodle dude?

Looks like BMR could be an interesting regional indeed.

Is it going to be in the Armory again?

Any chance we can upgrade to someplace bigger, like Lambert or Mackey?

AFAIK, same place.

Agreed that a bigger venue would be nice… my only guess to why they are stuck is either availability or finances.

I’ll be watching it via webcast (if there is one). If there is, does anyone have the link to it? I’m gathering my webcasts-to-watch links now.

Somebody correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe availability is the reason. I believe it is if Purdue’s track team does well, they may have to commandeer Lambert for a track meet over Purdue’s spring break.

I will most likely be out at BMR for the first time as a volunteer. I am very excited to see all the great teams attending!

1732 is very excited to be attending the Boilermaker Regional.

Regarding the team social, I’m surprised to see dinner offered at 5:30 and 6:15 when the award ceremony runs until 6:00. Am I misreading something?

Usually the Indoor state high school track meet is the same Friday/Saturday of BMR. At least its been that way the past 4 or 5 years.

I guess I’m not allowed to drive anymore…:frowning:
But I’ll still be there!