2012 Boston Regional

What: NEMO (Non-Engineering Mentor Organization) Mingle
When: Thursday, March 22, 2012 **10am - Noon **(NOTE TIME CHANGE)
You are encouraged to come and go as your schedule dictates.
Where: Club Room, upper level of Agganis Arena
(near south side food concessions - Commonwealth Ave side)
Who: This meeting is open to any adult, including any mentors, parents, administrators and sponsors, both technical and non-technical!

This will be an opportunity to meet and network with your fellow NEM’s. We will be discussing NEMO resources and will have an open discussion, addressing any immediate concerns brought by the group.

I’m looking forward to meeting the mentors at the NEMO meeting. Please share this announcement with the mentors on your teams!

About NEMO: For 8 years the Non-Engineering Mentor Organization has been a support group and information exchange for those adult mentors who help teams as part of the FIRST programs, including JrFLL/FLL/FTC/FRC. NEMO has a central clearinghouse for information. NEMs on teams help with all the behind-the-scenes-glue holding the teams together including mentor recruitment and retention, travel, hotels, meals, parent involvement, fundraising, business plans, public relations, community service, team building and logistics. NEMs help build a team so the team can build a robot. Our membership has grown to over 600 mentors in FIRST!

Joining NEMO: Visit www.firstnemo.org to find out how to join NEMO and the private online forum. There are no dues to join. Visit the “Resources” page to see all the papers written by NEMO members.

No chatter on the Boston Regional this year?

AIR Strike 78 is excited to play again after competing a few weeks ago at the GSR. The Boston Regional crew runs a top-notch event every year.

Boston will host 4 teams that have won regional/district events : 125, 131, 233, and 341 (x2). It should be a competitive event!

Is webcast information available?

Good call Rick! Wheres the Boston love this year???

125 is excited for Boston as we are every year. Only 3 days off for us between New York City and Boston, but we are ready!

The NUTRONs will be hosting the webcast this year. No link yet, but I believe it will be on Ustream. Stay tuned for more info.

See everyone in a couple days.


We have several rookie teams coming to Boston, including one from Mexico and one from Turkey, so please welcome them to FIRST!

We can’t wait for our first Boston Regional! We have heard so many wonderful things about this event.

This is my fourth year as a volunteer at Boston - I’m excited! See you all in a few days :slight_smile:

I’ve been in Framingham for the past few days waiting for the festivities to begin.
A couple more days and I’ll be able to get around here without using the GPS.
And the best part is it’s going to be really nice in the Metro Boston area. It’ll be in the 80’s on Thursday!

I’ll be heading up to Boston on Thursday night this year. Looking to move more into volunteering starting with being the Game Announcer in training this year. Working with Peter Moore and “Angry” Eric should be an excellent experience and a great way to start my involvement.

Good luck, and see you on the court.

See you guys at the house on Thursday.

This weekend at the Agganis is also the return of Dr. Joe to FIRST. We have all read his DFTF series and are looking forward to the teams creation! I know I am.:smiley:

The field is very strong this year in Boston!

Unfortunately this will be the first ever 2079 regional that I won’t be attending, it’s going to be weird just watching the webcast, but nonetheless I’m really looking forward to it!

88 is looking forward to the competition. We had some trouble at our first regional but changes have been made and we are ready to compete.

1922 Oz-Ram will not be going this year but my daughter and I have had so much fun the last few years that we will be there Saturday just to watch. Hopefully someone will let us use a couple of seats.

222 won’t be attending the Boston Regional this year, but it was a great event last year. I can’t wait to watch the webcast, and I hope everything runs smoothly.

We are very excited to make new friends at the Boston Regional!
We have heard so many great things about the quality of the event and the participating teams. We simply can’t wait to get on the road to Boston. :slight_smile:

1058 will be there with the Gravity Gun, a vastly improved machine than over the version that competed at the Granite State Regional. We now have multiple driving and scoring strategies, like using our now functional vision system and a speedy and efficient dunk style, as well as using our air-suspension to glide over the bump! Good luck and see you all at the Agganis!

The Boston regional has always been a favorite of mine! The Cybergnomes hit the road at about 6am this morning. The only thing left to do on the machine mechanically may be some weight reduction because I know they’re on the limit. Aluminum ATV rims are pretty heavy :smiley: I know their code isn’t the strongest. They lost all of their supporting teachers this year to another school including the only one who knew anything about programming. Since their programming mentor won’t be with them, if anyone cares to drop by and check up on their progress for me tomorrow and maybe offer them a hand with setting up their auto-aiming and autonomous I would appreciate it immensely. Their two programmers are sharp guys but are pretty green when it comes to software and the team has always struggled with it.

Unfortunately I am not be able to head down with them as this year I also mentored 3756 RamFerno from London Ontario. Since their only event this year is the Waterloo regional running this weekend as well, I will be there with them.

Good luck to everyone!

I’ll be watching the webcast on my phone every chance I get!

Hey everyone, we’ve got a special announcement for the Boston Regional! We’re hosting a special event for K-12 school administrators who want to learn more about FIRST, whether it’s about how to get started in their district or how to support and sustain the teams they already have. We’ve mailed this out to the school districts but if you think your district superintendent or school board members could use a trip to the Boston Regional, please feel free to send them the information below.

Are you a K-12 administrator in Massachusetts (or immediate vicinity) who would like to learn more about FIRST? We’ve got a special “VIP” event for you on Friday 23 March from 10 AM to 2 PM! The Regional Director for Massachusetts, Steve Cremer, will be there to talk about the FIRST programs available throughout the K-12 levels, and how your school district can be successful in this program – whether or not you’ve already got a team! Our FIRST Ambassadors will also take you on a tour of the event, give you a chance to talk directly with the student teams, and answer your questions.

Interested? Just email [email protected] to find out details and RSVP!

I’m on the train now! I’ll see you all on and off the field! I can’t wait to work with ‘Angry Eric’!

i hope everyone is ready for some Hunger Games quotes this weekend!

May the odds be EVER in your favor!

Boston promises to be a competitive regional in 2012! This year’s field combines for 48 regional wins, 5 of them from 2012 alone, over 100 awards, and a host of 2nd year teams who were Rookie All-Star, Rookie Inspiration, and Rookie Highest seeds.

A number of our teams this year were at BAE or WPI already, or will be heading to the NU CT regional next week. I don’t think anyone would be surprised to see some of those alliances re-form, given how critical bridge points end up being in eliminations.

Good luck teams, and see you tomorrow!