2012 Buckeye Regional

Getting this up on http://watchfirstnow.com, putting a thread up for the CD link. Good luck teams!

Man, I’ve been keeping track of the Match scores when I was at work today. Could not be more proud of my team :D.

Hopefully I can get down to Cleveland tomorrow and catch a couple of my team’s matches since I couldn’t get down either Thursday or Today. It’ll be nice to see all the FLR teams down there. And from what I can see, two teams from the FLR are Number 1 and Number 2 right now :cool:

How cool would a 340/1507 alliance be? They met in the finals at FLR, and they could be in the same color at Buckeye. FIRST at its best.

That would be epic, and right now, doesn’t seem that unreasonable. After FLR, it was obvious that both temas would have a strong presence at Buckeye, and I thought that these two teams would end up together. We shall see!

They were one of my favorite teams at FLR. I loved their dumper idea and their ability to have a low center of gravity.

Anyway you shuffle the deck tomorrow, FLR teams are going to be instrumental in the results. We already had one match with three FLR teams against three Ohio teams today. (FLR triumphed)

Right now, 340 and 1507 are 1-2 with Canadian team 188, a past FLR champion third. It’s going to be an interesting day, for sure!

Congratulations to Chuck Trautwein, the WFFA winner, from 1629, GaCo!

A well deserved award, Chuck!

Best regards,


Congrats … You were amazing yet again.

The Fingerlakes came to Buckeye, and the Fingerlakes conquered.

Great job guys in representing our region!

Congrats to our friends on the winning alliance!

Truth be told, some of us Buckeyes were a bit busy elsewhere. :slight_smile:

It’s great to see 1507 have a stunning year. Depending on how the Championship divisions are put together, I bet 1507 will be on Einstein once again. Congrats to them, 340 and 3015.

Congrats on another regional win Travis. Two in row. Looking forward to seeing you guys in Cincinnati in two weeks.

I was in Cleveland to see Buckeye (though we are not competing until Queen City, several teams we helped out this year were at Buckeye) and it was a good event as always. It is fun to watch without having the pressure of keeping a robot working. Congrats to all the participants today.

Travis, We missed 'ya. You guys always make us bring our best game.

Looks like you’ve been doing alright for yourselves anyway… :wink:

Does anyone know if there’s a recording of the Buckeye Regional? I know CIA was doing a webcast but is there an archive somewhere I can reach? I wanted to check out Friday’s matches since I missed those.

On topic:

I want to thank Teams 340 (or was it 350? :wink: ) and 3015 for being the absolutely brilliant alliance partners they were. Teaming up with the team that gave us the most trouble at FLR was a no-brainer and our scouts couldn’t believe that 3015 was still left for us to pick as a second choice. We had them ranked 10th on our Scouting rankings - what a steal for us!

Also to teams 188, 1551, 1270 - you guys were awesome. The second our team chose 340 as our first selection we knew 188 was going to be the Dark Horse. Despite your “low” ranking we saw you guys play and we knew just how good of a robot you were. It may not have shown, but up in the stands you had us running scared. We did not want to face you guys. And to 1551, I’m glad you got to compete in the finals in this tournament! I had a chance to speak with a couple of your mentors in FLR and you guys are now one of my favorite teams; I’ll be keeping an eye on you guys and rooting for you (when not against us of course). I still don’t know what I’m more surprised about, that we managed to pull off another regional victory (something we’ve never done before) or that we managed to play defense for the first time and push you guys away from 340. I had no idea anybody could push you guys out of the way, much less us! So once again, fantastic job guys, you were great competitors out there. :cool:

That… was… awesome!

While I would have preferred gold and a trip to Championship, I’m thrilled to see the 1507/340/3015 alliance take the top spot – as soon as 1507 picked 340, I thought, “I hope they pick us, and there’s no way we’re going to be available”. We knew it was at least possible to take you guys down, but that it would be an uphill fight. Thanks to 188 and 1270 for a solid alliance – maybe next time!

And I, too, want to find video – especially of when we shot 1507’s ball out of the air… Car Nack can have his predictions, but mine is that nobody else will pull that off this season!

Edit: And we were on our mech wheels when you pushed us – it was a great heads-up play on your part!

Edit 2: My bad… In the excitement I got my details wrong. It was 1271’s ball we shot out of the air.

-I did not see that but now I desperately want to!

-That definitely explains a lot. Our robots have never been designed for a lot of pushing power so that’s why I was so shocked. Guess we got extremely lucky to catch you guys off guard like that.

We were joking around about the “point defense system” play after FLR; I was amazed when Adam actually pulled it off!

…it wasn’t so much “off guard” as “air still recharging after all the back-and-forth switcheroo on the octocanum”. Next year we might go with more air storage just in case.

I guess “off guard” was the wrong terminology to use. I couldn’t really tell what technical minutia was going on up in the nose bleeds.

Leave it to the guy who went to Wisconsin to know this, but…

has archived videos from the Buckeye Regional webcast. 291 never created a new site to house Buckeye Regional vids - they used the same channel they used to store the archived Pittsburgh Regional videos.

Enjoy! :cool:

That link is for Pittsburgh. :frowning:

Edit: And my mistake, it was 1241’s ball we shot out of the air, not 1507’s.