2012 Buckeye Regional

Look at the screenshot of the first vid on that page and tell me again if it’s Pittsburgh. I don’t think 188 was in Pittsburgh. :smiley:

Weird, neither were we…

It’s this match: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/21334084

(On that link to Pittsburgh that Travis so graciously provided :stuck_out_tongue: )

About 55 seconds in.

That is amazing.

I was standing on the scoring table side of the field at that end when it happened. I didn’t see which robots shot, but the sudden change of trajectories was unmistakeable. The guy standing next to me and I just said “Did that really happen?!?”

It was like fireworks in the air overhead!

I never noticed… but it makes sense to just reuse the same account.

I really appreciate the work CIA 291 put into providing the video feed. They had several team members working at their video station all weekend when they surely could have been used for something else.

I watch a lot of regionals online and even though I was at Cleveland, it’s great having them archived for later viewing.

So a big thanks to CIA and all the other teams that do this (Code Red, etc.) It is appreciated and truly in the spirit of coopertition and Gracious Professionalism to do this!

Also not to be forgotten, sites like theredalliance.com and Madstream.team1323.com that help us find and watch them. Same goes for you - a big thanks.

On behalf of Team 1629 GaCo, we would like to thank all of the volunteers, teams, and anyone who made this event what it is. I think this is the 4th or 5th year in a row that we have come to Cleveland, and we always have a spectacular time.

1507,340,3015, you all were a truly amazing alliance, well deserverd, congrats on the win!!!

188, 1551,1270, thanks for the hard fought battle in the semis, it was alot of fun, and that is what it is all about!!!

340 congrats on your EI award also, that is awesome!

We hope to get to compete again with you all in St. Louis.

I’m just happy that alot of these teams that are doing so well are frequent Rah Cha Cha Ruckus supporters. Looks like were in for another great year with another great set of teams (but we could always use more).

You guys are the only team that even tried to prevent us from crossing the barrier, and you delayed us a good 30 seconds (while deftly avoiding a transitive bridge-contact technical foul) – it gave us a great gasp moment! While I know that given the opportunity we’d all rather win than lose, I hope you guys had as awesome a time as we did in that well-played, hard-fought tournament.

I am particularly happy that 3015 broke through and got a regional win. They were really downhearted when they had to withdraw from the finals at FLR and eventually they fell to our alliance but I told them that they could take what they had learned at FLR and use that knowledge their advantage to succeed at Buckeye and I’m glad that it all worked out in the end for them.

The all Rochetser or upstate NY alliance what ever you want to call it was pretty cool. The Rochester region has always been quite strong but it is starting to get even stronger. I still think it would have been funny if 1507 picked 340 at FLR and Buckeye but 191 was a good pick too :slight_smile: I liked the dynamics of play with two different offensive weapons.

I’m glad they picked us. at FLR. :slight_smile:

Team 291 CIA will always be happy to host the webcast and archive matches for all regional events we attend. Also we have all the matches for the Pittsburgh and Buckeye Regionals archived in the same channel.

A big congratulations to teams 1507, 340, and 3015 for winning the regional! And to 1629 for winning the Chairmans award! And a great job by all teams. Thanks for making Buckeye 2012 a competition to remember!

Thanks CIA!!! You all do an amazing job with the webcast for those that cannot be in attendance. And you are always an amazing competitor as well as alliance partner. For those teams that have never been to the Buckeye Regional Event, you should make this a priority event to get to!!! Again, congrats to all and thanks for the hospitality!

After a near win at FLR, it was a dream come true for 3015 to get a 2nd chance at winning our 1st regional ever! Thanks to 1507 & 340 for picking us. Our 1st visit to Buckeye will never be forgotten. This time we got to play all of our elimination matches!

I didn’t realize this was your first win – AWESOME! (Even if you had to trounce all over us to do so…)

I’m glad we got a chance to be a part of your team’s first win. Regardless of what your ranking was going into the elimination matches we had you as one of the best teams at the entire regional. Our mouths were literally agape that no one had picked you yet - it was almost too good to be true.

The irony doesn’t escape me either that it was you and 340 that very nearly took Gold at FLR as well. There’s something so very…FIRST about teaming up with the very competitors you had to beat at one regional to win the other. I wish I could I say I’ll be looking forward to seeing your team at St. Louis but sadly I won’t be attending. I have no doubt the rest of the team that attends will keep a close eye on you guys :wink:

Indeed. After 188 picked us, our team captain had encouraged 188 to pick 3015 instead of 1270 – though 188 had very good reasons to pick 1270 and they were a very good choice!

Your ranking did not reflect your overall performance, by any stretch.

Not only was it our first time winning a regional, this was the first year we’re weren’t an 8 seed and eliminated in the first round. This year was so much fun and I’m really proud of 3015 and what they were able to accomplish this year. It was awesome to play with 340 in both regionals! Our alliance at Buckeye was ferocious.

Hopefully the team and I will be able to go to St. Louis because I can’t even imagine what that is like.

Quite the understatement… An absolutely terrifying trio to play against, in all the right ways!