2012 CAGE Match

A tradition has formed in central Indiana - on the third Saturday in October, dozens of nerds, geeks, dweebs, and other future millionnaires gather in a high school and play with robots.

CAGE Match 2012 - Saturday, October 20
Southport Fieldhouse
971 E Banta Road
Indianapolis, IN 46227

Hosted by the Digital Goats (829) and CyberCards (1529) - with help from many other area teams

Presented by AndyMark

This event has an emphasis on introducing the fun and excitement of FRC gameplay to the general public. Participants are encouraged to use rookie drive teams; parents, grandparents, friends, neighbors, sponsors, prospective sponsors, school faculty - they’re all welcome and invited.
If you have a special individual or group you’d like to have VIP or judge status, drop me a line. [email protected].

Once again, we’ll have a silent auction, with proceeds going toward the Art Anderson Scholarship. Last year we were able to award a deserving student $1,000.

Event website: www.thecagematch.com
Twitter: #thecagematch

See you in October!


Price will once again be $300 per team ($150 pre-rookies) - with options to discount for early registration (before 9/14) and bringing game pieces.

We are investigating having a dinner the night before - as of now it will be open to all, students and mentors alike. The time and location of the dinner are not yet ratified.

Before lunch, we will have a roundtable discussion for students new to FRC - what to expect your first FIRST season, with an emphasis on the non-robot side of FRC.

After lunch, we will have a roundtable discussion for adults new to FRC - what to expect your first FIRST season, with an emphasis on the non-robot side of FRC.

During lunch, we will have an activity in which participating teams will have the opportunity to win AndyMark merchandise.

There will be a guided VIP tour - if you have prospective partners you’d like to receive the royal treatment, send me a PM. This will be open to individuals and their families.

We are currently working on the possibility of having a practice area.

There is currently no cap on teams - all who register are welcome. Registration will be done on the website beginning 9/1.

There is a facebook page and twitter account.

Need a Ref :smiley:

We will have registration for volunteer positions on the website within the next few weeks.

Wayne - I know you cannot be bought. What’s your rental rate?

Question: I don’t remember there being inspectors last year. Is that different this year or is that a typo on the Volunteer page?

Wayne - I know you cannot be bought. What’s your rental rate?

Food :smiley:

CAGE Match registration is now open. Be sure and go to thecagematch.com and early register for the tournament to get a discount.

Like Scott said, the registration for the 2012 CAGE Match is now open! Once again, everything is on the website www.thecagematch.com- registration, volunteer positions, scholarship information, etc. There are four new items I’d like to point out:

  1. For pre-rookies that need a robot, they can request one through registration. Veterans that have a secondary robot to spare can let us know through registration as well.

  2. We’re trying a new initiative this year - we’ll be hosting two Roundtable Discussions, geared toward people new to FRC, one for adults and one for students. Sort of a what-to-expect-your-first-year discussion. Open to all rookie members, whether their team is a first-year or 22nd-year vet.

  3. Make sure all graduating Seniors see our scholarship opportunity; also, consider donating an item to the Silent Auction. Last year the Auction raised $1,000 for the Art Anderson scholarship.

  4. We’ll be hosting prospective sponsors and their families on Saturday morning. We’d like some help introducing them to the FRC experience. If you know of any current Seniors or recent graduates that would like to share their stories of inspiration from FIRST to these fine folks in small groups, please let me know.

In the first 4 days or registration we already have 13 teams signed up for CAGE. Don’t miss out on your teams chance to play. Sign up soon!

There are 18 teams confirmed so far. That matches our 2009 total. For those who have not yet registered, there is a $25 discount for signing up before 9/14.

The scholarship application is ready. Current seniors: Jump on this opportunity at free money! Current non-seniors: Bring items for the Silent Auction to help out a FIRST Senior! Among the items on this year’s table: An autographed official authorized Dean Simmons & the Kamen Brothers (and sister!) stage prop.

Unfortunately, our website is down. We’re working with our providers to get it back on line. Hopefully everything will be resolved soon. We’ll let you know when it’s ready.
Thanks for your understanding. Remember at the end of the week, the early bird discount of $25 goes away, so register soon if you haven’t already done so!

Anonymous decided to take us offline along with team 829’s site, kind of makes you proud. Website is now back up

OK they attacked godaddy, but the former sounds cooler.

Tomorrow (9/14) is the last day to get the $25 early bird discount. Make sure you register!
Right now we’ve got 21 teams - our goal is 32. We’ve got four 2012 regional champs and three finalists among the teams so far. Jump in and have fun!

23 teams registered. Don’t miss out your chance to come play, register now!

Right now we’re sitting at 24 teams registered. I’ve had verbal commitments from seven other teams, which raises the unofficial count to 31. Who is going to make it the full 32? (Registration ends 9/28)

Current teams:

3565 T.R.E.A.D.S.
1501 Team THRUST
3940 CyberTooth
3947 The Last Crusaders
1529 CyberCards
829 The Digital Goats
1760 RoboTitans
3180 Blaise of Glory
4070 jcpenney/4-h/rolls royce/shelby county high school
461 Westside Boiler Invasion
45 Technokats
1720 Phyxtgears
1741 Red Alert
3259 Thoroughbots
3176 Purple Precision
1747 Harrison Boiler Robotics
1781 Electric Eagles
447 Team Roboto
1646 Boiler Precision Guessworks
2171 RoboDogs
3487 The EarthQuakers
1018 Pike RoboDevils
4272 Maverick Boiler Robotics
3494 The Quadrangles

That’s three states represented there, with promise of another. Woo. Hoo.

Registration has closed for The CAGE Match.

We have 30 veteran teams and our first pre-rookie team 4485 RoboWarriors from Danville Community High School.

We have one spot left and I would like to see it filled by another pre-rookie team.

CAGE Match Volunteer Registration is here.

Come join us for the fun.

The following is an abridged version of an email blast sent out this morning:

We on the planning committee are excited about some tweaks we’ve made to the CAGE Match tournament. I’d like to share them with you here.

  1. We will be hosting two roundtable discussions during the event. At 11a, we invite students on new teams or new to their teams to join us in the volunteer room to discuss what to expect your first year in FIRST. At 1p, we invite adults on new teams or new to their teams to join us in the volunteer room to discuss what to expect your first year in FIRST. Many thanks to Renee Becker, Carolyn Grace, Steve Florence, and Jane Young for helping with this program.

  2. Current seniors: remember there is a scholarship opportunitywith the CAGE Match. Last year we were able to award $1,000 to a deserving student – this year we’d like to do the same (maybe even more $$!)

  3. Silent Auction: last year we raised nearly $1,000 through the silent auction to fund the Art Anderson Memorial Scholarship. Please consider bringing items and making bids to help out graduating seniors.

  4. We need volunteers! If you are interested in serving as a referee, field reset, or queueing, please volunteer on our online form.

  5. Rules: The game will be played as stated in the official FRC manual. The eliminations will feature alliances of 4 (the 8th alliance will have 3 members, unless the elusive 32nd team registers), and each team must play at least once during every round of eliminations.

  6. Concessions: As we have done in the past, if teams bring in a 12-pack of a Coca-Cola product to the concession stand, they will receive a food voucher.

  7. Awards: This year we will recognize the Winning Alliance, the Finalists, the team that donates the most blood to the Indiana Blood Center, and the team that donates the most items to the Ronald McDonald House. There will also be some surprises throughout the event.

  8. Atmosphere: Many teams use this event as a way to introduce rookie team members to the excitement and drama of competitive robotics. Teams are encouraged to have new team members on the drive team throughout the event. Our goal is the experience of being “behind the glass” at competition will give them that extra motivation they need during the tough times of build season.

  9. Contests: Participate in the Facebook group and Twitter feed before, during, and after the event for fun and prizes.

Can a team enter a 2nd bot if they are have already entered a bot?

Some teams are lending their 2nd bot to pre-rookie teams. That’s how such RAS/RI winners as 3176, 3494, 3947, and 4008 got started.

We are still waiting for final word from a pre-rookie to see if they’ll come. If they do, and most signs suggest they will, then we will be at 32 teams which means all teams play in the eliminations (alliances of 4). Any more, and we’ll have to get creative to make sure everyone plays.

Since one of the primary goals of the event is to give many teams real competition experience before the start of the season, I don’t think extraneous robots would be consistent with that goal.