2012 Chairman's Chat - FIRST Robotics Conference

Championship FRC Teams!

Come on out for our 2012 edition of the “Chairman’s Chat” session of the FIRST Robotics Conference in St Louis.

Day: Thursday, April 26
Time: 12noon - 1:45pm
Location: Americas Center Room #230

Team representatives from the following Hall of Fame teams will be panelists in a discussion of strategies and examples of successful Chairman’s Award entries over the years.

16 Baxter Bomb Squad
67 HOT
103 Cybersonics
111 Wildstang
175 Buzz
236 Techno-Ticks
341 Miss Daisy
359 Hawaiian Kids
365 MOE
842 Falcon Robotics

Drop by to ask questions and hear stories about Chairman’s Award experiences.

NOTE: To attend this session, you will need to purchase tickets for this and other great conference sessions. See the FIRST Championship website for more details.

We look forward to seeing you there! Safe travels!


Chairman’s Chat presentation is TODAY (Thursday) from noon-1:45pm in Amercia’s Center, Room 230. Come on out and bring your teammates!

It should be an informative panel discussion!

See you there.