2012 Championship Shirt Trade

So Team 3176 Purple Precision will be at St. Louis this year (YAY!) and I was talking to a mentor of mine and saying how I have so many t-shirts from previous years of our team. She made the suggestion to go on here and organize two people to trade shirts with.

I have 2 small shirts. One is purple with white lettering (our originals) and the other is black with our purple logo colors (and addition we made last year). Again, they are both SMALLS. A photo is attached for reference :slight_smile:

Please, if anyone is interested in trading team shirts with me, please reply! :smiley: And go ahead and plan your own trades threw here. I love getting other teams’ gear! (And more than just buttons!)

Dose your team do bi-gender cut shirts or are they gender specific? (if gender specific, pls give a gender)

I have a small 1730 (Driven), large 1529, and a large 2011 IRI shirt. I will do my best to see if I can get some more large blue 1501 shirts.

(There is no absolute guarantee that I will be able to get them at all. Please keep this in mind before you propose a trade to me.)

My team is urgently trying to get normal T-shirts to trade with at championships. (well i want to get them for trading). We have Jerseys right now and are expensive, so i would not be willing to give mine or any away. Is there anybody who would want one if we get them made in time? PM me plz :slight_smile:

Hopefully we get to go this year! We could get rid of vintage shirts that most of us have and get awesome neon green ThunderChicken ones or something!

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Move to Michigan and go to any district that they compete in, they have a scavenger hunt that you can complete. If you are the first one to complete it, you win a shirt / multiple shirts. Come on up for the state championship!

We are so excited to be able to CMP! I made sure that our team ordered some extra t-shirt so we could trade. We have few spare smalls, medium and larges I believe. Drop by 1912’s pit or I guess talk to me because Id love to trade some. Our shirts are non gender specific.

I have some medium sized non gender specific shirts if u just stop by our pits (team 45) I’d love to trade

I have at least 3 XL, 1 L and 1 M of Team 1501. I also have several Safety Shirts.
I’m willing to trade.

They are NOT gender specific

I’m looking to trade a new Team 1501 shirt for an XL FE, Maiden (aka Iron Maiden)

Looking to trade a team 1986 shirt for a 188,33,2056,111 or 1625 pm if interested for meetup at champs.

Team 359 will have new T-shirts for trading.
It has our Hall of Fame FIRST logo as part of the design.
We are looking for XL and XXL shirts only.

You can find them at our Hall of Fame booth.


I have one or two 271 classic gearhead shirts. black and yellow. they are size L, and I would like something from 217, 254, 103, 1218, or a few other teams that I am quite fond of

Who wants to trade for a BUZZ shirt? :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a Large from this year a few mediums from past years that I’m willing to trade (:

I need another medium. :wink:

If 1124 makes it down this year, I can get UberBots shirts for anyone who wants one

I’ve got 2 large 842 shirts(2010 version) I’d be willing to trade for any medium from any of the following teams:


PM me if anyone with a medium wants to trade and I’ll be sure to make the trade at St. Louis.:smiley:

Since 2005…

Mainly Looking for 16, 33, 67, 118, 148, 217, 973, 1114, 2016, 2056 but there are more I would like, too many to list really.

I can offer a 340 shirt or an FRC Top 25 shirt. PM me if you’re interested!

Team Paragon will be there this year for the first time since 2004. :slight_smile: If anyone is interested I will be bringing a few large 571 T-shirts.