2012 Championships Music Mash-up song (Help!)

For those who stayed to watch the finals, did you pay any attention to the music they played? They played this one mash-up of Party rock anthem, we are the champions, The barbra stiessand song with the vocals replaced with first robotics, first lego leauge, etc., and a few other songs. Does anyone know where I can find this song? I shzamed it a couple times, but It just led me to the wrong songs, and searching google prooves to be no help. :confused:

I Looked for them too, they were awesome. The FIRST version of Barara Stiessand was awesome and made my day. I would love to know where to get them.

I have a sinking suspicion that the mash-ups were the DJ’s doings. Your best bet for retrieving the song(s) would be stripping audio from the webcast feed (if that is retrievable).

I looked for some other mash ups before and found a few by googleing mash ups and then searching through the lists. Many are DM created and not available anywhere. And some of the sites are for “professional dj’s only” but I don’t know how they verify that

The dj at queen city had a mix of ice ice baby and living on a prayer. Pretty awesome

http://gobarbra.com/ sounds a lot like the version played at championships, but the 'Rebound Rumble" replacement song played at GTR-W sounded different. A search for Barbra Streisand song maker might turn up more results.

Pretty sure that the Barbra Streisand songs were made like this:


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Does anybody know any of the techno songs that were played during the awards/ final matches? And I think they should post that remix. That was seriously the best and most intense remix.

I noted that shortly after the hailstorm on the roof, they played Sandstorm by Darude.

Looking for this?


Awesome piece of music… When I was dancing to it, it seemed a little longer, though…

All thanks go to my friend and lieutenant Drew… Consider it a little gift from Team 2016. :wink:

I downloaded the song and changed “Footballin’” to “Buildin’ Robots”

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Download link:

I think thismight be what you are looking for.

You all have just made my night. Thanks so much!

Have you looked in to DJ earworm? If you like those types of mashups check out his yearly United States of Pop.

This is the best, from 2009: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XmjDCQtvhVI

Thank you so much this is eactly it!