2012 Dallas West Thanks and Congrats

Look, someone had to start it. I know I wasn’t there, but you people were too slow and I was running out of patience.

Big, huge congrats to Team 3847, Spectrum, on their RCA. As a sophomore team. And thanks for the help at the houston rookie bootcamps, which I’m certain had absolutely nothing to do with that award.:wink:

Kevin, thank you for the kind words and thank you guys (57) and 3103 for putting on such great events for us to be part of. They definitely helped.

While I’m thanking other teams not at Dallas-West, 3847 couldn’t have possibly done so well with out The Discobots (2587), thank you so much for everything.

Now on to Dallas-West.

First to our alliance,
456 you guys are awesome, when I met all you all at Bayou I didn’t think that we would get to team up in just a few weeks. Congratulations on Cooperation and Safety, I know how much it meant to you.

3735 Klein bots, it was great to work with you, we couldn’t of asked for a better alliance partner and I look forward to seeing you again next week at Lone Star.

Congrats to the regional champions 935, 3310, and 4206. You were shooting “Lights Out” in eliminations. Oh yeah 3310 if you want to repay us for the omni-wheels, use the money to help out a few rookie teams next year. Buy them batteries or help build them bumpers, anything you see fit will be much better than cash back to us.

There is a long list of other teams that deserve thanks and recognition but it’s been a really long day, and I’m going to sleep. (We have to wake up and build a crate tomorrow)

Thank you to all the teams, volunteers and support staff that made the weekend phenomenal.

We can not even begin to thank you for those omni wheels! You guys are truely amazing. We will certainly help out a few rookie teams! Again thanks and it is amazinf to win a regional!

Whoa, totally forgot to (publicly) congratulate the Dallas West WFFA, Steve Alaniz of 2848, the All Sparks. Formerly (I believe) of team 1884 from London. Formerly of 57, the Tigers / Leopards, where he was mentoring while I was a student (on the animation team, no less). Since I’ve already won a WFFA, I figure it’s about time someone’s given him one.

Lots of people to thank for this awesome regional.

Thanks to 935 for the first round pick. Were sorry we couldn’t get that 4 ball auto working but were glad it didn’t upset ya too much. We enjoyed our first regional win, and its great to know we have friends in Kansas.

Thanks to 4206 How you weren’t picked till that late is beyond me, but hey, Im not complaining. You guys were very respectful, and courteous to us during finals, and showed great comradely. You followed strategy and did awesome. Again, its a shame we didn’t get the 4 ball auto working…but hey looks like we didn’t need it. I hope you guys learn a lot in St. Louis, and I hope we see big things from you. You remind us a little of ourselves rookie year :wink:

Thanks to 1296 you guys are our best friends. It sucks we never get to play together, but you play against us with respect and courtesy. You really gave us a run for our money in that semi finals. We look forward to working with ya next year like always! Dont forget, a part of your robot will be represented at worlds :wink:

Thanks to 3847 for the omni wheels. No really thank you. We could not have gone as far as we did and advanced without them. And to just donate them to us, you really showed why you deserved that chairman’s award. Good luck in Houston next week! We’ll be rooting for ya!

Thanks to 2848 for the half-field. The main practice field was always full (being shared by 2 regionals) and that half field really helped relieve some of the business. I hope you continue to do this!

What a great time we had this weekend at Dallas.

It was great to see that all teams got thru inspection early on Friday morning. In fact, all teams (82) from both Dallas West and East were competing early on Friday morning.

It was very nice to have a complete field to practice on as well as the half field provided by 2848, although it was crowded most often due to the double regional.

Congrats to champions of 953, 3310 and 4206. You guys just had more fire power than we could control.

Thank you to our alliance partners of 1429 and 4045. We had a blast with you guys on the field. Hope we get the chance again in the future.

It is always great to compete with old friends (704, 1296, 1429, 2848 of 2468 but also fun to develop new relationships and see teams from other states. 456, 1421, 935 and 2164 all made the long haul to Texas and all were great to compete with and against.

Congrats to Spectrum, 3847 for the Chairmans Award. (AllenGregoryIV, you are working to fill those shoes).

Congratulations and good luck in St. Louis! I think our relationship this year helped to break down the rivalry between RHS and RHHS and I hope our teams can work together in the future. As heartbreaking as it is to lose, we’re glad we fell to the talent of 935, 3310, and 4206. Those semi-final matches were very exciting, and I hope we can meet all of you again next year!