2012 Encrypted Manual Now Avaliable



How do you download it?

y wnt it open i got the decrypt to work how to open the encrypt

In the section titled 2012 FRC Game Manual - Encrypted, download the five parts to the manual individually. They’re titled: Section 1 - Introduction, Section 2 - The Arena, Section 3 - The Game, Section 4 - The Robot, and Section 5 - The Tournament. If you open them locally (with your PDF viewer of choice), you’ll be asked for an Open Document Password, which will be revealed during kickoff.

You should download the manual to your computer and not view it through your web browser because, during kickoff, FIRST’s site will most likely be swamped and inaccessible, so you won’t be able to access their copy of the manual then.

Side note: why isn’t there one PDF with the entire manual released? I vaguely remember them doing this last year…

The password will be released at kickoff

These files are posted ahead of time, to reduce the load on FIRST’s servers as thousands of people download the manual at the same time.

When can we download them?

Kind of lame that there isn’t one file we can download, but eh, I’ll live. ::rtm::

  • Sunny G.

You can download them right now. You just won’t be able to read them until the code is released at the end of the kickoff broadcast.

they announce the password at the end of the kickoff show.

I like how the decrypt test includes a link to the hint #1, still hinting that there will be two hints.

Question: Is discussion of password guessing allowed on Chief Delphi?

From the CD Rules: (emphasis mine)

By clicking the Agree button, you warrant that you will not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-orientated, racist, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violative of any laws or school rules. THIS INCLUDES THE DISCUSSION OF WAREZ, FILE-SHARING PROGRAMS, CRACKING, AND ANY OTHER WAY OF STEALING SOFTWARE OR ANY OTHER COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL. You also agree not to post the same message in multiple forums, or use the forums as a real-time chat, continuing a 2-3 person conversation on for numerious posts in a short period of time.

It doesn’t specifically prohibit guessing, but I’d avoid it nonetheless…

Alright, I was just testing the waters; a password guessing thread could either be a fun distraction or vastly offensive thing. A game hint at the password, given a day before kickoff could be fun, too, though it would ruin the surprise.

Did someone say…WATERS? :yikes:

Yeah, I see what you mean. I doubt FIRST would release the password as the game hint - somebody would probably figure it out and ruin the surprise and strict time constraint. But you never really do know with the GDC… :rolleyes:

And a password guessing thread, which may be on the “okay” side of the grey area, is probably not a good idea to delve into, since it’s not really within the spirit of early-encrypted-manual-releases (and we don’t want that privilege taken away…). For, it’s just a better idea to avoid trying to figure out the password early game anyway; I’ve waited long enough for kickoff, I should be able to make it another three days, 15 hours, ~30 minutes.

And also, it only takes one person to not think before they post, say something stupid and wrong, and ruin it for everybody.

One year the game hint was an anagram of the password. Not like they’d ever use that trick again.

Did it get guessed? Which year was it?

o its just the encrypt file what now everone going to attempt the break the long encytped code haha cnt ya just wait …i have seen anagram and hints but please just wait a few days

Perhaps this has to do with the new manual format, as mentioned in Bill’s Blog back in November?



I think that we had all of the words but not in the right order.

Yeah so what is the process of downloading these? Should there be a save option when I right click?