2012 Fingerlakes Regional

With the team list finalized as of today, I think it is appropriate to start this thread now.

Looking at the list, it struck me that a combination of MAR, FiM, and FLR being week 2 caused a sever drop in diversity at FLR; 37/40 teams are from NY, with two from Ohio and only one from Canada. What is this witchery, a FLR without the Thunder Chickens!

Anyways, any early predictions, newcomers, or rookies (4093), or just the same crowd who comes every year. Lets get this started!

On another subject, I have been discussing (very vaguely) with a few members of 1126 of some sort of Fingerlakes Partnership, in which we swap strategies, leadership methods, processes, etc off season. Would any other teams be interested in this?

Hard to make predictions right now, but I foresee a lot of stiff competition, as with every year! A lot of good teams with great robots. But true, the diversity is somewhat limited, which I’m quite disappointed in :frowning:

I’m hoping to see 3951 succeed in their rookie year. They’re being helped primarily by The Grapes of Wrath, 1551, and 1126 is lending them a hand at Ruckus, so I’m hoping to see them take off quickly.

On a side note, 217 not at FLR isn’t really witchery. They’ve been here a total of 3 times, the past two years, and 05’. But… they were a great addition. I will miss them, and their neon green of doom. I do wish we’d have been able to have some more matches with them and 2056 though. Those were some matches I still watch again and again!

In short: I’m looking forward to the Finger Lakes Regional!

So, the NYS Championship was scheduled for week 2? :smiley:

217 made it to FLR in the past because FLR was Week 1. With FLR being week 2 this year, it cuts into 217’s Michigan State District events. Mystery solved.

On the subject of FLR being mainly a NY event this year, I’ve been sorta wishing for this kind of setup for a while. FLR is many different things, and one of them is being a premiere event for FIRST robotics in Western and Central New York. To have such a turnout of the Best of the Best NYS robotics teams, it is the year that teams show their support for each other.

I fully support a Finger Lakes Partnership, where FLR teams at least make contact with each other to ensure we are all living up to the potential of this event, or go further to share ideas and such. I will say that 174’s mentors might be hesitant on it. However if you want to try something of that effect, message me and I’ll be the line though to 174 and see if I can get the team involved in something like that.

Also, I feel like I can call the elimination alliances right here, right now…but that would be a lousy move, so I won’t post it.

I’ll be volunteering again for FLR, and it will be my 5th volunteering year! Woo!

Grim - The list may appear to be complete, however, until the December deadline it may still change. Each event has a cushion for rookie teams and waitlist teams. FLR is always one that my team wants to attend (I have family in Honeoye Falls) - perhaps next year.

217 is coming down to Maryland week 2 to attend the Chesapeake Regional, which is cool as I figured they would never make down this way with the Michigan schedule.

So after Week 1 of regionals almost all complete…


174 is going and so excited! Totally ready to get this going! While we have a tad more work to finish on the robot, we have a robot style that for other teams may seem typical, but for is is totally new.

I, however, am volunteering as Field Reset again. And as Gaffer-Tape Man.

Team 578 is ready to rock the house!!!

Cant wait to see everyone there. Good Luck all.

As usual, 1126 is excited to attend! This is our 10th year competing, and we are really looking forward to a great season, and the atmosphere at FLR is always great! There are definitely some good looking robots out, and some lessons learned from week 1 (I’m glad we weren’t week 1 this year)!

And as i’ve said before, Simon, i would be for this partnership. It would be cool to see something form from it!

We’ll be there, as usual!

You can count on Devil Tech being there :slight_smile:

I have mixed feelings about it being mostly NY teams. we dont get to see the giants like Thunder Chickens and OP robotics, but on the other hand we get to have the best of the best of upstate NY shine!

After a year off, 1507 is very excited to return to FLR and compete with some of my favorite teams!

I am in support of a finger lakes partnership. I am wanting to continue pushing through some changes on Team 73 like going to a year round schedule. We will need some help from other teams when it comes planning some off season activities.

I am in support of a fingerlakes partnership. I could probably meet on Thursday. Anyone want to setup like some kind of meeting?

Anyone up for laser tag on Friday night?

We need some type of team social event for FLR.
Ill be busy Friday sorry can’t…

I’m game for laser tag

I think this is an appropriate place to post this, so here goes.

What: Chief Delphi Meetup
Why: So we can all shake each others hands, put names to faces, and wish eachother good luck in the coming competition (and also talk about some sort of Fingerlakes collaboration project)
When: Thursday, at Lunch time (I believe that’s 12 O’Clock)
Where: On the practice field, at the pits

I’ll be wearing a nametag with my real life name on it, as well as my CD name, so if you see me around stop and say hi!

Lasertag would be sweet! Alas, I will be occupied Friday night.

Anyway, I will be sure to get down to this little gathering, simon.
For the rest of CD attending FLR, here is a little event reminder (if you have facebook). Sign up!

Ill go simon. Cant wait to see you all there. Also were not doing tank treads this year so no pushing match :stuck_out_tongue:

The Facebook event isn’t working for me Garrick.