2012 FRC Season dates

The forum has been relatively quiet recently. I am surprised nobody bring this up this year. Let’s work together like last year (http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=86232) to give people an advance glimpse of which regional is in which week. I know it is not official and schedule may change but it helps some people start their planning.

From what I can tell, the schedule is

Kickoff 1/7/12 (based on Bill’s blog countdown)

Ship date 2/21/12

Week one events 3/1/12-3/3/12 (based on Bill’s blog 5/11/11)

Week six events 4/5/12-4/7/12 (based on Bill’s blog 5/11/11)

Two weeks gap between Week 6 and Championship (based on Bill’s blog 5/11/11)

Championship 4/25/12-4/28/12 (usfirst website)

Week 6 competition which is when Michigan State Championship probably would be is Easter Weekend. Our school has spring break that week. Hmmm. We won’t be able to get into our shop in school. Students on family vacation. Good to know ahead of time.

The Autodesk Oregon Regional will be March 8-10, 2012 at the Portland Memorial Coliseum.

Based on tradition of College Spring Breaks:

Both FLR & WPI Regionals look to be Week 2 Events 3/8/11 - 3/10/11

also Boilermaker

This would make me VERY happy.

Here’s some confirmation of official schedule/dates.

And, just keep in mind that nothing is official yet.


Hawaii is unofficially during week 4. :slight_smile:

I hope the Capital Region can play nice with North Carolina Regional. It was unfortunate to have VAR and NCR on the same weekend last year.

The Detroit District should be a Week 3 event, based on Wayne State’s Spring Break, which it has normally fallen on.

This holds true for the District schedule from last year, which was:

Week 1: Kettering, Traverse City
Week 2: Waterford
Week 3: Detroit, West Michigan
Week 4: Niles, Ann Arbor
Week 5: Troy, Livonia
Week 6: State Championship

And I’m not saying any of this is official or even hinted at yet, I just wanted to put the list out for anyone who didn’t remember the districts from last year.

And an additional point, are there any new planned districts for MI in 2012? I haven’t heard anything but I was just wondering.

North Carolina is week 6 again according to the venue calendar.
South Carolina is week 4 again according to the facebook page.
Still waiting to hear about Peachtree and Smoky Mountains if anyone knows.

Looks like Bayou is week 3 and at a new venue again this year:


I wonder why it is only listed as Friday and Saturday though? :confused:

Smoky Mountains is week 1 according to the sales manager for the venue.:smiley:

According to the Prudue University’s calendar, the BMR is going to be March 15th-17th which would make it week 3 again.

DC Regional is 3/30-3/31 – a TWO DAY EVENT (woohoo!). This foreshadows the potential areas they’re planning to use the FiM model.

Errm… Virginia Regional … is 3/15-3/17

This seems to be inline with a “Private Event” that’s happening at the Center from 3/1 to 3/3. That might be the regional.

Man, Smoky Mtn at Week 1 sounds like a real bummer.

  • Sunny G.

Peachtree is week 3 according to the director of sales at the Gwinnett Center. That should complete our teams list of possible destinations. I wish we could travel far, but money is always tight.

Aggregating (Italicized events are unconfirmed via concrete evidence – see if you can get info from the venues)

Week 1 3/1 -3/3
Smoky Mtn

Week 2 3/8 - 3/10
Autodesk Oregon Regional
Finger Lakes Regional
WPI Regional

Week 3 3/15 - 3/17
Virginia Regional
Peachtree Regional

Week 4 3/22 - 3/24
South Carolina

Week 5 3/29 - 3/31
DC Regional

Week 6 4/5 - 4/7
North Carolina

My understanding is that Seattle’s double-event regional will be week 4 and a new event in Spokane, WA will be during week 6.

Hi Mr. Drake,
The dates for the Smoky Mountain Regional in 2012 are March 1-3 (with move-in on 2/29/12). Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

Thank you,
Monica Flatford
Sales Manager
Knoxville Convention Center