2012 FRC Userbars

Sorry guys, I know I’m late on these, but I have been really busy with school! Hopefully some of you will still get to enjoy them.

As always, to place in your sigs, use the code that follows each image.
And be sure to remove the *!






PS - I will try to do some FTC & World Festival ones later today, but I have a portfolio review on Friday, and I’m kind of freaking out!

Some other requests I usually get…



Sorry if this is a stupid question but what is ‘every division’?

How about a “Didn’t Qualify”? haha.

Seconded :frowning:

You could just show your support for the division of your choice…
Or do what I do (we didn’t qualify either) and put the every division userbar in your sig and support everyone!

It’s exactly what it sounds like - if you can’t choose what division you want to support, you can support them all!

First year as a Mentor I get to use one of these. Thanks a lot.


I’d love to see some Edison, Franklin, and Da Vinci ones if you get a chance. These are really good by the way. Thank you for creating them.