2012 FTC KOP

Has anyone figured out how to read in the 2012 FTC KOP? I get an error stating they were created in a newer version. We are using Creo Pro Engineer 5.0.

how have you tried to load them? Did you make sure you downloaded the correct format? .step is always a safe CAD format.

Oh-no, sounds like PTC may have updated all the CAD files to Creo 2.0. This is the latest version of CAD from PTC and supersedes Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0. I am doing some research now and will find out if this is the case. Hopefully there is a chance to provide the files in WF5.0 format, otherwise you’ll need to upgrade to Creo 2.0.

The upgrade is not a big deal and the software can be requested here:


Yes, all the models are in Creo 2.0 format. If anyone is using the KOP and Field models from http://bit.ly/SzvV3B, you will need to use Creo 2.0 to work with these models.

We upgraded to Creo 2.0 and everything works fine. Thank you.