2012 I.R.I. - Updated Event Information

2012 IRI – Indiana Robotics Invitational –

Dates – July 20-21, 2012
Lawrence North High School, Indianapolis, IN
Hosted by Teams 45, 234 and 1024

Entry Fee - $700
Includes event, dinner, entertainment
Voluntary IRI Teams Scholarship donations accepted
Paypal option for Payment
2011 Winning Alliance = Automatic Entry and No Entry Fee

Invitations to 72 Teams

**Key Dates - **
May 2 - Applications open
May 9 - Applications close
May 15 - Invitations List Released, followed by Webcast discussion / follow-up
June 4 - Team Commitment Required
June 18 – Full payment due

Application Changes –

You can and are encouraged to include –
• What was your best performance this year?
• Are there any special circumstances we need to know about?
• You can link to a Compilation video or specific Match video

You can submit “support” for other teams -
• Can be an email, video, poem, photo, etc.
• Cannot be for your own team
• Submission must contain name, team and contact information for the team submitting the info and should explain why you think the team / robot should be considered.

Event Special Activities
• IRI Silent Auction
• IRI Shooting Competition Fundraiser (Pros vs. the Robots)
• Driver / Operator Skills Challenge

Friday Night
• Team Dinner (grilled chicken, mac & cheese, salad, deserts)
• Dean Simmons and the Kamens - Performance
• Special Entertainment – To Be Announced!

Rules – Changes from 2012 FIRST Game
• Draft Order is 1-8, 1-8, 8-1 (4 team alliances)
• Teams Allowed +5 pounds (Weigh In TBD)
• No Kinect (Due to Space Constraints)
• Other Changes Being Considered – None Decided

Other Information Coming
• Scholarships
• Hotels and Special Pricing
• Volunteer Sign Up
• Other Rule Changes

I hope we didn’t kill the talent show last year!

More so than any year before, I’m banging the drum for 2815 to apply (and we might be organized enough in the summer to do it). Short of Einstein Field, we know the most likely place to find The Man in FRC is in Indianapolis. (Growing up an hour and a half from Charlotte, we know that to be the man…) But first we’ll have to firm up that resumé this week in St. Louis.

This is cool, was this around previous years?

No, this is new for 2012.

No Talent Show this year.
Something diferent for 2012. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the information. I’ll get our kids working on the application and a new video right away.

If selected we also have a set of items we’d like to donate for the silent auction.
I’m sure people can guess what that would be coming from us.

Do you need team t-shirts for quilt? If yes, where do we mail them if we don’t see you at champs.

I’m glad it’s around this year. I’ve got 3 teams in mind who will receive my support, if any apply. Thanks to the organizers for allowing this!

I hope KRUNCH goes this year! I would love to see us go! Hopefully, I’ll be in Cincinnati so I only have to drive 5 hours to get over there! EEEEEEEEK! So excited!

All of your non-colson wheels?

Glad to see the kinect go… IMHO it was a complete waste of space…

Close. Muffin fans actually.

Any information on shipping for West Coast teams. I remember in years past Scott at then BAX Global was very helpful in lowering shipping cost for west coast teams. Do we have any arrangement this year or are we on our own?

How many loops around I275 and I465 are you planning on taking?

Suggestion: Replay the 2012 FRC Einstein semifinals and Finals matches.

with a working field.


I want to see the FiM and MAR champs play off. I vote not having the mentor match to give these 6 teams two more matches across lunch.

When will we find out the time of the webcast on May 15th?

What do we need to include in the application?

I don’t want to see an Einstein replay unless all the teams involved wholeheartedly agree to it.

I would like to see the MAR champions face the FiM champions though as an exhibition.