2012 IRI Elimination Selections

1 - 341  2056 148  2168
2 - 624  118  2949 1714
3 - 68   469  125  1676
4 - 3322 67   111  217
5 - 2826 1114 4334 245
6 - 1023 33   51   330
7 - 2590 973  543  1538
8 - 16   359  233  2834

[strike]* The webcast was blurry so I had trouble reading these numbers, please correct if you have this info.[/strike]Thanks

No declines throughout. Eliminations will be very interesting as always.

2590 is 7 alliance capt

1 - 341  2056 148  2168
2 - 624  118  2949 1714
3 - 68   469  125  1676
4 - 3322 67   111  217
5 - 2826 1114 4334 245
6 - 1023 33   51   330
7 - 2590 973  548  1538
8 - 16   359  233  2834

543 is 548
2638 is 1538

#8 backup is 2834.


Note #8 back-up is wrong.

2593 is 2590
2634 is 2834
543 is 548
2638 is 1538

In other thoughts, the number 2 alliance is completely solid.
Same for number 1.

I’m not sure what the other teams were thinking because 1714 and 2168 were one hell of a steal for both alliances.

Number 5 has potential to come from behind to win it all.


I’m definitely rooting for Wave as an underdog, but number 1 will be very hard to beat for everyone. 2056 and 341 are each capable of carrying themselves to 60-80 pts in balls very consistently, so them together is hard to imagine.

My predictions:

1 - 341 2056 148 2168
2 - 624 118 2949 1714
3 - 68 469 125 1676
4 - 3322 67 111 217
5 - 2826 1114 4334 245
6 - 1023 33 51 330
7 - 2590 973 543 1538
8 - 16 359 233 2834

QF1: Alliance 1 vs Alliance 8 - Alliance 1 in 2 matches
QF2: Alliance 4 vs Alliance 5 - Alliance 4 in 3 matches
QF3: Alliance 2 vs Alliance 7 - Alliance 2 in 2 matches
QF4: Alliance 3 vs Alliance 6 - Alliance 3 in 2 matches

SF1: Alliance 1 vs Alliance 4 - Alliance 1 in 2 matches
SF2: Alliance 2 vs Alliance 3 - Alliance 3 in 3 matches

Finals: Alliance 1 vs Alliance 3 - Alliance 1 in 2 matches

I don’t usually make prediction, because absolutely ANYTHING can happen at IRI. But I was bored and though I’d take a shot at it :slight_smile: These are probably all wrong, but I thought, what the heck? Why not?

Personally, I’m pulling for Alliance 2!

I’m personally pulling for alliance 2, but 2 of my Fantasy picks are on the 8th alliance, and one of them is on the 1st…

I’m scared to see what 118 and 624 are capable of. In match 104 they got the record with 136 points, though that was with 16 feeding them as well.

Wow. Alliance 1 seems really OP (and not just because they have 2056). They’ll be pulling off triples every match, have strong scoring, and an awesome hybrid. The only problem I see is all 3 are very strong offensive bots, so a well played defensive strategy (maybe by that of 125?) can leave them with a field without balls to score.

Alliance 2 also looks like strong scorers. Pretty much the same as alliance 1.

Alliance 3 looks amazing. 68 and 469 will dominate the scoring, and if 125 plays the feeding and starvation tactic they’ve done all day, they’ll surely be able to shut down most alliances. Triples will be near for sure here. Although in the event the alliance needs to pull 125 in for scoring, they may find their scoring won’t go up as fast as it did before. 1676 is a good backup bot, very accurate, but like I said in an earlier post, their shooting can sometimes take a while, especially when being compared against high caliber teams such as 118 and 469.

Alliance 4 is interesting, to say the least. In the past, an alliance with 67, 111, and 217 would annihilate any opposition, however here these teams seem to be pretty well averaged. Alliance captain 3322 is pretty good as well (although I haven’t payed too much attention to them).

Alliance 5 seems very capable of pulling off some high scores and triple balances. The Simbots and ATA are together again, and having worked through regionals and champs together will make them a good combination on any alliance. Add in 2826 and 245 as the backup and you have a very solid alliance.

Alliance 6 will be pretty competitive. All very solid scoring machines, all very good balancers. I see 330 being pulled in more often solely due to their strong drivetrain and amazing defensive strategy.

Alliance 7 will be the one alliance that’ll go big or go home. 2590 is a great scorer. Like I said before, 973 is one of the most versatile bots at IRI they’ll be able to score, feed, defend, and balance. They’ll definitely be pushing around their opponents with that Emperor Swerve drive of theirs. 548 plays a lot like 330 does, although they’re a bit better at scoring, with the sacrifice of the defensive power 330 has. They’ll be scoring well nonetheless. I see 1538 coming into use as one of those well played backups bots. Very strong scorers, and most of the time very accurate.

Alliance 8 consists of some really good teams. World Champion team 16 will most likely be taking on their usual role of feeder/defender on this alliance, and they’ll do it well. One of the best teams when it comes to ball collection, especially with their Bomb Squad swerve they’ve perfected over the years. 359 came up from the shadows and surprised everyone at IRI with their scoring power and balancing capabilities. 233 will be another main scorer on this alliance, hopefully being able to stay on their own side and dunk basketballs while 16 feeds them. Backup 2834 won’t see too much action unless one of the other 3 bots breaks down.

So with that in mind, here are my predictions:

Alliance 1 vs Alliance 8.
Alliance 1 will own in hybrid mode, however, as soon as 16 gets over to the red side they’ll wreck their havoc and leave the red alliance without a ball to score. Most likely then 2056 will go over and act as a feeder/defensive bot with 341 and 148 scoring quickly and accurately like they always do. Things will go back and forth, with most likely a double triple, ending in a close finish by alliance 1. Possibly 3 matches will ensue, but I think the winner will be the red alliance. This’ll be one of the hardest matches for alliance 1. The finals are probably the only harder ones.

Alliance 2 vs Alliance 7.
Alliance 2 has 118, something no other alliance does. However, with 973’s swerve, they’ll be playing hard D for sure, and 118 won’t do well under the hounding. 548 and 2590 will score throughout the match, but ultimately alliance 2 will come out victorious due to a triple balance that alliance 7 will attempt but fail. In the end alliance 2 is victorious.

Alliance 3 vs Alliance 6.
Alliance 3 has a lot going for them. 2 amazing scoring machines and a feederbot that can single handedly shut down alliances. The only way alliance 6 has a chance is to pull in 330 and have them hound 125 and keep all balls on the blue side. It’ll be tough for the blue alliance to win, since most likely they won’t bring in 330 until later, resulting in alliance 3 completely owning alliance 6. After 2 matches alliance 3 will be victorious.

Alliance 4 vs Alliance 5.
If there were ever a time here that blue would beat red, it’ll be Alliance 4 vs Alliance 5. Alliance 4, while cluttered with well-known powerhouse teams, is average amongst the competition and most likely won’t pull off anything too spectacular to bring them through the win. The blue alliance will have 2826 and 1114 scoring like they always do, hopefully with 4334 feeding them. A triple balance is almost certain with 1114 on the team. Alliance 5 will be the winner here. Possibly 3 matches.

Alliance 1 vs Alliance 5.
Miss OP Wrangler will once again dominate the scoring here, outclassing the blue alliance on every aspect of the game. Some defense will be showcased, but the difference will be negligible, ending in an all-out offensive brawl, resulting in a victory for alliance 1 both rounds.

Alliance 2 vs Alliance 3.
This’ll be a close match. 624 and 118 will be the dominant scorers on their alliance, but nothing they’ll do will be enough to beat the power alliance of 68, 469, and 125. 125 will clear the blue side of the field, 68 and 469 will score all the balls, rinse and repeat. Alliance 3 wins.

FINALS: Alliance 1 vs Alliance 3.
This will be one helluva match, quite possibly one of the best matches in all of Rebound Rumble. To be completely honest, I don’t know what way it will go. But I know this: The results of the match will rely completely on the actions of 2056 and 125. If 125 does a good enough job of starving the first alliance of balls to score, then Alliance 3 will barely take it. If 2056 is able to keep 125 at bay, Alliance 1 will steal the victory. There’s a 99% chance that there will be 3 matches.

Of course, I could be completely wrong. :stuck_out_tongue: Round one is starting. Let’s find out!

Wow what a match alliance 1 just lost daisy tipped over .

Whats the results form the first 4 matches?

The 5 alliance just beat 4 alliance in 2.
1st alliance beat 8th alliance in 3.
The 2 alliance just beat 7 alliance in 2.
3 is up 1-0 on 6.

After watching most of qualifications I’m excited for the 1st, 2nd, and 5th alliances…amazing groups of teams can’t wait to see it all shake out!

The quarterfinals are done. The matchups are:

1 vs. 5.
2 vs. 6.

1 beats 5. 2 beats 6. 1 beats 2.

The way 1 is playing, I’d say 5 beats them out, and 2 beats out 6. The finals would be tough to determine, but I’d give 118 the benefit of the doubt.

Mine is in the event Daisy stops tipping every time they attempt a triple, and 2056 stops walking into situations they can’t get out of. Mainly, if Daisy tips, 5 takes them out for sure.

I feel the same way, the 5th seed is very good, and the 1st seed is underperforming…this will be a very exciting end to IRI

The 1st and second alliances just both won their first match. Both games were really close, and came down to the bridges.