2012 IRI - Support another team!

If you want to submit supporting information for ANOTHER team for the IRI,
send an email to the address below.

NOTE: You have to explain WHY you are supporting the specific team(s). Just sending an email with team numbers in it does not provide us useful information!

Be sure to include your name and team number, as well as the team number of the team you are offering support / endorsement for.

[email protected]


I know there are some teams I’d like to support, but I don’t know if they’ll be applying. Will there be a way to see who’s put their name in to see whether our rub will actually be doing anything?


When is the deadline to do this because there are a couple of teams I want to support but I’m in the middle of finals right now and don’t have much free time. Also is there anything specific you want from us, or just like some good things about that team?

I just submitted my email!

Please see the emphasis edit in the initial post.

We need more than a list of team numbers.

I think this might be one of our better IRI ideas.

The information being provided by you about teams you played with or against is great. It makes the selection process tougher (more data to review and manage), but it will also make it better.

Thanks to everyone who is taking time to write material on other teams.

Way cool.

If we would like to support numerous teams, should we include the info for the teams all in the same email, or submit individual emails? ::rtm::

one is fine.

Would it be possible for you to post a list of those teams which have applied? Thanks.

There is a list in a different thread. http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=106321


Is there a deadline for sending support/endorsement emails, especially since the applicant list is still growing?

We just submitted ours in support of Team 624, who was easily a top 25 robot this season, but never really receiving recognition that they deserved.


Wooooo… just submitted for two teams! I hope I get to see both of the robots in action at IRI even though I will see one of those robots in action in October. Any guesses? :slight_smile:

Please send endorsement letters / emails by noon (Indiana) Saturday 12 May.

Does your team need to have applied to IRI to offer an endorsement for another team?

No. Anyone can offer support for another team.