2012 IRI (Travel from the MAR District)

To everyone that is traveling to IRI from the MAR District:

Team 341 is hiring a coach bus and putting their 12 foot trailer into service for the IRI event.

If you are interested in riding the coach bus or cost sharing for equipment transportation via our trailer, please send me a PM.

Last year we did a cost share with 2016 and 303 and the cost of bus travel to IRI averaged out to about $100/person round trip.

I am mostly reaching out to MAR Teams such 25, 1640, 1676, and 2590. However if there are other individuals, such as volunteers that would like to hop a ride, please send me a message. Also if there are teams that I missed that would be interested, please feel free to contact me via PM.

Thanks and Good Luck at IRI!

This would be amazing, PM sent. =)

Attention to anyone looking for transportation to IRI 2012 from the Mid-Atlantic Area.
We currently have **9 seats left **on our coach bus going to IRI on July 19th.
The bus will leave from Ambler, PA at 5 AM on Thursday July 19th and return by 6 PM on Sunday July 22nd.
The cost is $115 roundtrip.
The bus will make daily trips to the competition site, so no additional transportation is needed.

So, if you would like to ride with Teams 341, 1676, and 1640 to IRI just reply to the thread or send me a PM.


1676 also has some extra cargo space if someone needs it; PM me. We are near the intersection of the NY Thruway and Garden State (NJ) Parkway.

I am really tempted to take my Thursday and Friday classes off at Drexel. Will have to look into it more.