2012 Las Vegas Regional

I haven’t see a thread about this yet. So what teams are coming and from where? Team 3716 is leaving tonight!

Team 2984 Viking Robotics is leaving about now, along with 1572 Hammerheads, from san diego. im the main electronics guy and inbounder from 2984, but my mom didn’t let me go! we won last year, and we think we will this year too! however, i have to stay home and watch them through our pit webcam.:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

Ah I’m sorry dude! I’ll keep a look out for those teams!

Well my team is not going, but i will be there on Saturday. From going to the la regional i know that 987 is going to be amazing. Also I’m looking forward to what 968 has created this year. Should be a fun regional. :slight_smile:

Is 987 the team that web 15-0? Be sure to stop by and say hey! It’s our first time in Vegas. We are excited!

Ya 15-0. http://www.youtube.com/user/Srmck987

That’s crazy. We’ll watch some of the videos later. We are in the bus to Vegas and some people are sleeping. Don’t want to wake em up! Thanks for the link!

A bus from New York to Las Vegas… wow.

Utah actually! That’d be an intense drive from NY! Team 3716 is from Wasatch Academy. We have kids from all over the world cause we are a boarding school.

I got mixed up, your name says your location is in NY, i guess i can assume the location of teams, just by what is says on a members CD page… Anyway ill stop by, and say hi, on Saturday, good luck.

Thanks! See ya then!

Team 987 just spent much of the day helping FIRST volunteers set up the practice field and playing field at the venue. The new venue is nice, ample space for a regional of this size. Swing by the pit and say hi, we love meeting all the teams making the trip out to our home town. If you are looking for nearby after event activities, the Las Vegas 51’s (minor league affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays) opening weekend is this weekend and I believe they are playing all weekend. The ball field is literally attached to the venue and tickets are pretty cheap. We’re excited, the weekend should be lots of fun.

For sure. We Will! We are about 30 minutes from the hotel. About time. Hahaha. It’s a 6 hour drive so I think a baseball game might be out of the picture. Who knows though! Thanks for the suggestions! See ya tomorrow.

For those of you (or friends and family) who can’t make it to the event, please enjoy our webcast. High resolution, rapid archiving, no annoying commercials and some other neat features! Should be up by mid day Thursday…


Working on the webcast, video is working any audio?



Video is working? If it is, tell whoever shut down arena power to turn it back on, you need to see!

Nothing coming through (I’m watching via Madstream). Tried a few minutes ago and it was acting like there might be a loose connection (video–can’t tell on audio as I didn’t have my speakers on).

Can anyone shed light on the ruling behind the 72 points in penalties in Qualification match #23?

I believe a robot was trying to balance on the opposing bridge by hitting it multiple times with their manipulator. With 9pt penalties for each impact they eventually gave 72pts to the other team.

We had fun competing in Las Vegas as a Rookie Team from out of state :slight_smile: The whole competition was full of spirit and helpful teams.
This year we learned what gracious professionalism really means.

Glad you guys had a great time at our regional. You are right, there was a ton of spirit and many teams were helping other teams. A great example was displayed by teams 60 and 3187…they had a couple of kids spend many hours helping another rookie team pass inspection and then one of the kids from 3187 drove for the undermanned team. Two great teams displaying some of the best examples of GP I have seen in years.