2012 - Livonia District

Can’t wait to see everyone in Livonia! Glad to see many of our Detroit friends coming to Livonia also! Looking forward to a fun tournament!

Team 3322 is looking forward to a great event. Personally I’ve been following almost every team for the past few weeks in an attempt to pre-scout. Good luck to all; I can’t wait for Livonia.

Who is unlocking Saturday?

Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow! :slight_smile:

Lightning Robotics is excited and ready for Livonia! Should be a great event!

Wow! That was a great event!

I have to thank a few teams: 1023, 2620, 123, 1025, 862 and 4390.

To team 1023: I’ve kept my eye on your team since week one, visiting your website, hoping to get a glimpse of what I expected to a great robot. You proved me right at Detroit by going undefeated. We were honored to select you and I was personally very intimidated by your robot. Thanks for working with us. You were the clear first choice for our team.

To team 2620: I don’t know how you weren’t selected earlier in the draft. There was no doubt in my mind that your team would be a valuable asset to our alliance. Our alliance’s autonomous period was one to be reckoned with due to how well they worked together. It was the 12 points that you scored during autonomous in Finals match 1-3 that made us win. Thanks!

To team 123: A wonderful shooting robot that well deserved the place you got. But there’s to your alliance than the results of the finals matches. On behalf of team 3322, we thank you for taking a timeout after the second finals match to allow our team to make some adjustments. Your team represents gracious professionalism in the most pure form. Thank you for your generosity. You clearly prove that your team is Chairman’s Award material.

To team 862: It’s great to see you in the finals again. I talked to one of your members about meeting in the finals during lunch and your alliance did just that. You guys are a force to be reckoned with your dead on fender capabilities. It was great to see you on the field again.

To team 1025: Your defense was very strong and if gave my team a scare at how well you played defense. Your robot is very unique and provided a great feeder to your alliance.

Finally, to team 4390: You were the only rookie at Livonia, but you were clearly worth the Rookie All-Star title. I have to mention your team as a deciding factor with making our team the #1 seed. Balancing the coopertition bridge at the very last second changed the mood of our team. We thank you for joining us at the bridge!

Thank you very much! We always try to keep GP at the top of our list, even if it means not winning a competition. Congratulations on your well deserved victory! If anything, thank our alliance captain, Team 1025.

Hopefully, the judges see us as a Chairman’s Award team at States :wink:

This event was spectacular. Thank you Team 2832 and Churchill High School for putting together another successful event!

I’d like to thank our wonderful alliance captain, Team 1025 for picking us. We were an excellent group! Also, I’d like to thank Team 862 for joining us, I was shocked you were still in the pool of teams available, considering how well you play! You helped us complete a nearly unstoppable alliance! Thank you.

Team 4390, you inspired us. We are extremely glad we could help you guys out throughout the competition. You really were All-Stars (#5 Alliance Captain, sweet!).

Team 1023, thank you for your help and inspiration. After talking to Debbie and Hannah, I am extremely confident for Chairman’s at States. You were a big help. I look forward to seeing you at States. Also, you were fun to play with on the field. See you at States!

Team 2224, you guys are awesome! Big thanks for helping our mentor take down our pits while we were still getting off the field. That really meant a lot to us.

1025 and 862, it was a ride! We had lots of fun on the field, in the stands, and behind the driver’s station with you. We worked very well together and our strategy sessions were awesome. It’s time for the MSC! :smiley: AAAAAAAAAAAAA!

3322, thank you for calling a timeout when you noticed that a piece of our alliance member’s chain fell off. That was extremely kind and gracious. You and your alliance played one helluva game.

Congratulations to the #1 alliance for winning the Livonia District. Well deserved. TORC, congrats winning Chairman’s, and RUSH, congrats for winning Engineering Inspiration.

On behalf of Team 123, I’d like to say this: It’s time to shoot for the stars at the State Championship! Michigan, let’s make history!

I would have to say that we were the luckiest team at the competition. We were simply amazed that 123 and 862 were available for the 7th alliance to pick. How was that possible? They both carried our alliance to the finals. Thanks guys.

Finally, I must say that I was simply blown away by 3322. They actually asked our team captain to cut down their net after they won. When he tried to give the net back to them (multiple times), they had nothing to do with it and made us take it. I couldn’t think of a more deserving winner. Great robot, great people.

I have a few thank you’s as well! :slight_smile:

3322 - Thank you so much for picking us. We too were watching you and you proved to just as tough as we thought! We definitely did not want to go against your scoring power and are very happy that you picked us! You are an awesome team and were a lot of fun to play with! We are looking forward to playing together at states! Your robot is a force to be reckoned with!

2620 - Thanks for joining our alliance and bringing a powerful hybrid score! 30 hybrid points for the 3 of us was amazing! Was so sweet to see us all scoring together on that one basket. Great job!

2137 - TORC! We <3 you! Thanks for coming down and playing on the bridge with us during unlock! Thanks for working on the triple this morning! It was great to see it work. Congratulations on Chairmans! See you at states!

2619 - Thank you for taking some time this morning to practice the triple. It was great to see that work and it started our day off very well!

3773- It was great to see you and work with you again. Wish we had been able to do more together this year, but you all did a great job! Keep showing your robot at school and keep up the great work! Hollar anytime you need us! We are always here for you! BX <3 Techtrons!

27 -RUSH - You are such a role model team for us! Thank you for all you do for MI FIRST teams and FIRST everywhere! What a positive inspiration your team has been to BX!

2591 - Redtails - You gave us our first 2012 defeat but we still <3 you! Keep building your program, and you two students amaze me with all you were able to accomplish!

3096 - Highlanders - ALWAYS a pleasure to see you! Keep up the great work!

123 - 862 - 1025 - You definitely gave us a run for our money. Thank you for giving us the time out. I’m glad we were able to hit the last match with 6 working bots! Truly something amazing about FIRST! Thank you!

Thanks to all of the teams that we worked with over the last 2 days, to all the volunteers that helped, to Tom who gives us such an exciting play by play during eliminations, and to all of you for a great weekend!


I would like to personally thank-you. We went by your outline about choosing alliance partners and decided to make sure our robot could do most of the things you said. We then went out to the pits and tried to sell our selfs to the top teams telling them how we planned on triple balancing and our amount of torque and what not. But anyway I think that is what caused us to get picked by team 240 for the elimination rounds even though we came in 28th place.

Speaking of team 240, thank-you team 240 it was a pleasure playing with you guys and 3414

:slight_smile: Good Luck at states! Just go in and do your thing! :slight_smile: Keep reaching for those stars!

Glad we could help! We’ll be cheering for you!

Lots of thanks and love to 2619 and 815 for being the best partners 1701 could have possibly asked for in Eliminations! We gave 'em hell!

2619-Y’all were a great team, all very nice people who were willing to try everything and nail that triple balance! I was glad to have been a part of an alliance with you, no matter what the outcome was.

815-Our fellow meccanum drivetrain robot! You guys have a great team and your robot had a really interesting design. Also proof that great minds think alike:We both thought that we would be good alliance partners with our omnidirectional drive trains! That was a great moment when we all got out there and started working on that.

Congratulations to 1023, 3322, and 2620! You did a great job all weekend.

1023-I am consistently stunned by what your robot pulls off in a match. It truly is a sight to see what it can do. My only wish is that we could have done more with you in qualifications so I could maybe snag a little bit of that magic from you!

3322-From Kettering all the way through Livonia, I have really liked your team. Your robot did some absolutely incredible things out on the field and your drive team has the best uniform out there. Most of my comments about your team I made to John and Abby yesterday during the later Elmination rounds.

2620-As I walked through the pits all weekend getting strategies together with my qualifications alliance partners, I always hoped I would get to do something with you guys. You gave a great impression at Wayne and performed very well. Thanks for giving us a good run!

I hope to see you all again very soon and good luck in whatever you do!

Coming into this week, Livonia was largely considered the “weaker” district going on in Michigan this week. Yet the competition was still, nonetheless, outstanding. MSC is going to be nothing less than amazing as always!

You are very welcome. Great job this weekend!

Thank you very much! Robocubs are a great team. It is always fun playing with you. Thanks for practicing the balance with us! Keep up the hard work!

862 had a BLAST at the Livonia District! This was an incredibly well run event.

Team 1025: thank you very much for selecting us and giving us a chance to compete in the eliminations. You guys played some amazing defense in the eliminations and were a great partner to balance with.

Team 123: You guys have a great robot and an excellent feel for the strategy of this game. Your last second balance with IMPI in the quarters while we were caught in a pushing match with 247 was a brilliant play.

Congratulations to 3322, 1023, and 2620 those were a great set of finals matches. You were a very intimidating alliance to face in the finals. You were a class act lending IMPI a fuse before the last finals match!

Congratulations to 2137 winning Chairman’s Award keep up the great work!

Thank you to all the volunteers for helping making this event run so smoothly.

Thank you! Our students and mentors worked extremely hard and we’re very proud of our robot. We always try to make the best of our strategies, and we’re glad we had an alliance like we did.

See you at States. You have an awesome fender bot! :smiley:

From all of us Flying Toasters, I would like to thank all of the teams at Livonia for making this one awesome event! :slight_smile:

Team 2832 — thanks for hosting FIRST again this year. We attended your event last year and enjoyed it so much that we wanted to come back for this year. Everyone on your team and at your school are so friendly and helpful.

Team 862 — I don’t think we can thank you guys enough. Your students were incredibly helpful with coaching us in our first ever attempt at Chairman’s, and we wouldn’t have gotten nearly as far without them. I’m glad that your team is going onto State, because you guys truly deserve it. I’ve never met another team where everyone is so friendly that it feels like I’m actually a member of it. Also, thank you for your help in scouting, and I hope that our members were good contributors to it. By the way, I love your mascot; Rye, our motorized toaster, proudly wore her two Gigawatts instead of toast on Saturday. :smiley: Good luck, and I hope we can join you at State next year!

Teams 3322, 1023, and 2620 — You guys made a phenomenal alliance, and I admire the craftsmanship of each of your robots. Congrats, and good luck! (3322, I love how your team was cheering “Carpe Diem” in the stands the whole time. That’s an awesome addition to your overall theme. )

Thank you! Your robot was definitely a threat to us! Definitely a great machine! I’m surprised to see you outside the state list, but you are very close! I think you have a lot to be proud of! Your robot is very creative! Your performance was very good! keep up the hard work!

Thanks! :slight_smile:
I think the one of the biggest things our team is proud of was the fact that the robot actually wasn’t overweight this year, LOL. That was a real shocker last year — 32 pounds too heavy! :ahh: I swear, the toast diet is what’s making these 'bots gain so much… Good thing Patriot has been in bootcamp!

We’re definitely looking forward to next year, and hopefully we’ll make it next time. We plan to do a lot student training during this off-season and over summer, alongside a bunch of the local teams who reached out to us after Livonia. See you then!