2012 Lonestar Regional

Starting a thread for LSR.

Who’s going?

What do you expect? From your team? From other teams?

Please let us know!

We’re going!

DiscoBots will be there.

Panthrobotics, Team 3337, is going to be there. . . with a much repaired bridge mechanism, a great defensive strategy, and ready to rumble.

Spectrum 3847 will be there, it’s going to be a really tough regional.

The normally strong Texas teams are coming plus the addition of 2415 and 359. It’s going to be some of the best elimination matches of the year.

Can’t wait to see everyone there.

57 is obviously coming. With a better latching system on our wedge so it both saves our transmission and is still retractable. Also with some solution to the dancing robot phenomenon caused by our pneumatic wheels and somewhat high CG.

Also, a little biRDie told me it’s pretty likely 364, Team Fusion, will be a late add to the roster. If we can get their comms running, and I’ll stop at nothing to succeed at that, then they’ll just add to the ranks of strong robots in attendance. I’m fully expecting Elims to be an epic showdown where no-one is safe.

I am hoping for Fusion as well.

624 will be back again (no surprise). Looking to fine tune our shooter calibration for LSR…a little inconsistent at Bayou.

And agreed–looks like some FANTASTIC competition; waiting to see another alliance perform the challenging triple balance.

Lot of non-texas teams at LSR this year. This is starting to feel like the Lone Star Regional back before all those other Texas regionals came online.

I’ll save everyone some time and just list the Texas visitors here :

359 from Hawaii
896 from New Jersey
1818, 3337 from Louisiana
1875 from Florida
2415 from Georgia
2773 from Oklahoma
3526, 4400 from Mexico
4278 , SPAIN (that’s a 10 hour flight ! )

Instead of putting a listing of team numbers on the thread, here is a link to blue alliance !

Let’s start picking favorites for the elims!

locks: 118 , 359, 1477, 624
dark horses: 3847, 3320, 231, 57
sleepers : 364 , 1801, 441, 3997

Thank you for the consideration as a dark horse, we will see how Dallas-West goes next week.

1477 is the only double regional winner so far this year (as far as I can tell, not counting district events).

I would move 231 into the lock category, they were captains of the Alamo winning alliance after all.

You left out 2415 as a lock, winners at Peachtree this past weekend.

2936 Gatorzillas should also be on that list. Last time I checked 148 wasn’t triple balancing by themselves at Alamo, 2936 should get some of that credit. I’ve gone back and watched the video so many times and I still can’t believe they stayed on the bridge with only two wheels.

You’re just being humble not including yourself on that list. 2587 has only once not made it into the semifinals at Lone Star.

I agree with you about 3997, I haven’t haven’t been this excited to see a rookie robot in a while. Rumor has it they constructed their two robots (one for practice) in a crazy fast time frame, under 3 weeks of meeting only 3 times a week. Building robots in garages seems to be in this year (see 3999 , Highest Rookie Seed and Rookie All-Star at Alamo). 3997 is my pick for Rookie Highest Seed.

After getting knocked out a little earlier last year than they are used too 3103 is going to be looking to make a push back into the finals. With some solid driver practice from Alamo they might just pull it off.

3320 were Regional Finalist last year. I am expecting a very nice showing from this Austin team.

364 is only a sleeper if they don’t get on the roster or they aren’t able to sort out their communication issues. From the few balls I saw them get off at Bayou they are going to be a lock for eliminations if they are running. (They were the 8th Alliance Captain at Bayou with out running)

I really want to see someone on 57’s platform](http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=103889), I was waiting all of Bayou and it never got to play out. The competition is going to be so good at Lone Star, the triple balance could make the difference.

How many other teams have new triple balance strategies up their sleeves? (I can only assume 118 hasn’t been sitting on their hands for the past 3 weeks)

Look like a very competitive event in the making.
Our only hope is to continue making the eliminations rounds and to get good practice/experience doing our 1st event this weekend in Hawaii.
We are 20/20 in making eliminations at regionals since our inception, and hope to make it 22/22 after this season.:slight_smile:

Unfortunately, they didn’t raise enough funds this year to register. They will try again next year.

It is an honor to have the newest member of the HoF come and compete at Lone Star. I predict that we will be seeing you guys in the finals.

1429 will be there again. I believe that there will be a lot of close and hard fought matches, especially in the elims. Should be a lot of fun!.

Team Fusion #364 is officially coming to Lonestar!! :smiley:

…so hopefully our robot works this time…:confused: lol

we are just looking forward to having a great time, even if its our skeleton crew. We have just a few juniors attending and no seniors, with the rest being 8-10th grade.
We also have a couple of students who are going to experience flying on a plane for the very first time.:ahh:

Personally, I want to see 118’s robot up close and see the awesome piece of work they have this year, again.

We thank all of you to think of us as a sleeper. It’s true we build two robots in three weeks time. We did it all in solid works before we builded anything. This is as tough as i seen Lone Star in a very long time. I’m so happy for our rookie team and our robot name “Sheldon” to come and see what we can bring to the table. It’s going to be great!!!

This is AWESOME!!! I was saddened when I couldn’t watch you guys in action during the Bayou regional. I’m glad I’ll get to see you guys in person at Lone Star!! This regional is shaping up to be one of the best and toughest ones this season. Can’t wait!! :smiley:

Team 832 Oscar will be making an appearance at Lone Star. Can’t wait to play in Texas!

4 days til Lone Star. I’m so happy. My team been waiting a month to compete.
Good luck to all the teams coming.

With 5 teams having already won a regional (1477 (2), 231, 624, 359, and 2415) and a lot of deserving teams still looking to lock up a place at Championship. This week is going to be awesome. There shouldn’t be too much trouble putting together 8 very solid alliances for eliminations.

Let’s put some more details to some other important statistics:

1 Alliance Teams : 118 (twice) , 1477, 624, 359
Finalists: 1429 , 2936
Semi-finalists: 118 , 832, 57

And a handful of quarter-finalists at different events.

Excited to play with some of our buddies from down south! Hopefully we dont suck this time.