2012 Los Angeles Regional

Who’s ready for the Los Angeles Regional?! 66 teams this year, which is the most I’ve personally experienced at a single event.

I’ll be there with rookie Team 4123, if all goes well you should see us out on the field during practice day calibrating our Turret Auto-Targeting Control and Gyro/Encoder assisted Ramp-Drive Control.

The High Rollers can’t wait to get “rollin” westward! We’re looking forward to playing with many of our old friends…and make some new fiendships during our visit. We are staying at he Travel Lodge a couple of blocks away from the arena and could use some recommendations for good eats nearby;)

I think there’re a couple places down by the waterfront, near the Aquarium of the Pacific. There’s also a Famous Dave’s somewhere in the area, but it’s a bit farther. (The area around said restaurant also has some other places, but I don’t remember what.) It’s been a while since I’ve been down there, though.

I personally probably won’t be there–I’ll be in Van Nuys Friday-Sunday at a collegiate engineering competition. (Anybody wants to come up Sunday, drop me a PM and I’ll send more info your way.)

I’ll be dropping by on Saturday, not sure when yet though. Good luck to all the teams!

Heading out Wednesday with a trailer full of bots from the IE. Field setup then inspection.

Tons of good places by the Waterfront – the Yardhouse is always a favorite, Famous Dave’s for BBQ, and Gladstone’s for fish (and they give out free aquarium tickets).
If you venture a little further out to the Belmont Shore area, I’m a big fan of Taco Surf (fish tacos). Just going over to the Belmont Shore area in general would be easy to find something for everyone.

We’re almost ready. Dropping the robot off on Wednesday. Still working on some issues with our 30lb allowance…

Might want to check the Long Beach convention center website to see if a convention is going on. If so you’re looking at HUGE lines at restaurants Saturday.

Coming up from San Diego for inspection duty. Not coming with a team and it will be my first time at the LA Regional. Looking forward to seeing you all!

We are heading up Wednesday for our second year at the LA regional. I hope it will be as great as last year!

589 here :slight_smile: we are heading down! anyone else staying at the best western plus in long beach?!

1138 will be at the LA regional. Its tied for the largest event (66 teams). Looking forward to seeing everyone on thursday, friday, and saturday :).

I am looking for someone to carpool with to the LA regional. I am volunteering as a robot inspector all day (7am til the end of the day) Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, unfortunately I live on campus at USC without a car. I was wondering if there was anyone nearby who I could carpool with, I’d really like to avoid the 90 minute bus and train ride, especially in the morning. Even if you can only help me out once or twice, it would make my commute a lot easier and be greatly appreciated. You can contact me via PM.

Jason is this for all 3 days or just thursday?

I’m volunteering all three days, but a ride even one day would help.

I am, Pauline. :stuck_out_tongue:

david i know u r! ahaha

Woah! The regionals start tomorrow?! :ahh:

I can not wait until tomorrow. La regional is going to be a bomb and for those of you you have not seen our robot.

This is going to be a good year.

I saw 973 bringing their bot to the pits as well, wow.

Speaking of guys, we are revealing the robot tomorrow morning so please no pictures. You will see what we have in store tomorrow.