2012 Michigan State Qualifying Teams

This is what we projected on the screen at Troy and Livonia district events today at the end of the awards ceremony. The detailed results file has been posted on the FIRST in Michigan website at http://www.firstinmichigan.us/FRC_2012/frc_2012_season.html.

2012 MI State Qualifying Teams.pdf (167 KB)

2012 MI State Qualifying Teams.pdf (167 KB)

This may not be the right place to ask this, but if a team qualifies for states and doesn’t go, does the next team take their place? I’m asking because as of right now we’re placed 63, nut two teams below us are qualified for states due to awards and I was just wondering if there’s a chance we’re still going…

Yes… hang in there! :slight_smile:

Yes, and you guys actually have a really good chance of it. I personally know of a team that’s qualified that is struggling to find the funds for it, and they may not be able to attend due to not having the $4,000.

Our coach is being a bit too optimistic, if you ask me. We’re ranked 67th right now, and he’s going to be anxiously stationed next to his cell phone all day tomorrow. I’ve kinda given up on the idea of States this year, because 5 teams are quite a few to drop out, but I would be completely overjoyed if that was the case. Either way, though, I know that good teams are competing. :slight_smile:

One thing to note: In 2009 when I volunteered at the event a team that did not qualify for the event team 2048 The Pink Panthers still attended the event and volunteered for the event. Even if you do not qualify for the event it may be a good idea to inquire about coming down and helping out.

On that note, who is the best team not on the list for States? In my opinion 3641 definitely deserves to go to MSC… their performance in the qualifications at Livonia was phenomenal. Second pick overall, but lost in the quarterfinals to a very good and cohesive 7 alliance.

3641, you definitely had the most interesting robot at Livonia and though it doesn’t look like it, I hope you make MSC!

Team 470 didn’t qualify but we’re gonna be running the AV and we’re trying to put together a welcome packet for the visiting teams :slight_smile: #UnoficialHostTeamDuties

Team 68 didn’t make it (we’re like 80th) We were tied for 2nd for the best w/l record at Northville.

Be seeing you at Worlds.

This team list should make for some exciting elimination rounds. After a quick look at this thread, I see at least 15 teams that have reportedly already been involved in a triple balance (correct me if I’m wrong):

67, 85, 245, 469, 494, 548, 573, 1023, 1684, 1918, 2337, 2851, 3098, 3601, and 3656

548, 573, and 2337 defy the odds as long bots joining that group

While i dig what 2852 dose outside of Michigan and was totally on their bandwagon at GTR-E and Waterloo (finalist trying to take down the brothers of domination). 2851 is who you were thinking of.

Woops - that typo has been fixed. I didn’t mean to leave Crevolution out. I’m sure our double triple from Waterford will be happening again here.

Oh i’d put money on seeing the double triple again at MSC. I’d also put money on the fact that the coopratition award is going to have to be cut into several pieces, or they can spend another twelve bucks for the all the teams with 24 CP’s

Technically you can win the Coopertition Award by never actually Cooping with anyone.

6.5 Coopertition™ Award
To determine the winner of the Cooperition Award, the FMS will rank all teams in decreasing order, using the following sorting criteria:

1st Order Sort 2 x Coopertition Score - Qualification Score
2nd Order Sort Coopertition Score

The team or teams receiving the top ranking after both sorts will receive the Coopertition Award.

So whatever team gets the most CP and loses the most matches win the Coopertition Award.


The Coopertition Award aka the thing to be most likely dumped by IRI.

I wouldn’t call it defying the odds. I know all 3 teams can hang a signficant portion of their robot off the end of the bridge. I don’t know the numbers for 2337 and 573, but 548 only needs 16" of the bridge to stay on. Should be a great event with crazy eliminations!

Also, a reminder to all teams who are attending the Michigan State Championship:

This is a “3-day” event. That means there is NO “Robot Access Period” before the event. This means no unbagging at your shop before the event!

Link to agenda: http://www.firstinmichigan.org/FRC_2012/State_Championship/agenda.pdf

To add on to this, Wednesday 6-9PM will be a Robot Access Period. I believe last year the robot had to remain in the bag on Wednesday. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Would you mind telling me what team this is? Last year we helped a team fund their way to states and would like to help again.[/quote]

Actually, I was pleasantly surprised to see their name appear on the confirmed teams list this afternoon. It’s 3656, Dexter’s team. Their mentors weren’t sure about funding when we spoke to them two weeks ago, because the school district had to make some repairs to the building from the tornado. I’m not sure if they still need financial help, but you could always try contacting their team. :slight_smile:

Thanks! Crazy last year we help 3539 the byting bulldogs (our co-champ from waterford) now we get to reach out to the Dreadbots (our co-champs from Northville this year).